Saus Has Opened The Doors to a Second Veggie-Friendly Location in Somerville

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Saus Has Opened The Doors to a Second Veggie-Friendly Location in Somerville

If you’re a true Bostonian, you’ve been to Saus — probably more times that you’d like to admit. But who could blame you? The fries, for one, and tons of accompanying dipping sauces always keep you coming back for more.

Could it get any better than that? Yes. Yes it can. Saus quietly opened a second, all-vegetarian location! Commence the celebrations.

Local beginnings

Saus was started by three local university grads right here in Boston. They bonded over a common dream and opened their first location in 2011. Open on Union St., Saus is in the perfect position between Downtown Crossing, FiDi, and the North End. That is, if you’re in Boston Proper. And if you’re not, then the second Saus location might just be perfect for you.

Saus opened the doors to their second location in Bow Market, located at 1 Bow Market Way in Somerville. It’s part of 30+ food, art, and retail market in the heart of Union Square.

Eat your veggies

The original Saus is famous for their pick-your-size hand-cut fries and over 15 unique dipping sauces — it’s a condiment-lover’s dream. Looking for a little more? The menu also offers poutine, chicken sandwiches, a veggie burger, salads, frik (hand-rolled beef and pork sausage), sweets, sides, and an assortment of beers and ciders.

So, what can you expect at the new location? Well, they’re going vegetarian. The co-owners want Saus’s second menu to reflect changes they’ve made in their own lifestyles, which includes adding plant-based foods to their diets. Don’t worry — the fries, sauces, and poutine are definitely still there. But now you can also order veggie burgers, try a plant-based BBQ Impossible Burger, add Impossible Chili to your poutine, mix up some vegetarian bowls, and more. Everything can be modified to be vegan, too. Now, Saus truly does have something for everyone.

Get saucy

Have we made you hungry yet? Saus’s Somerville hours are Wednesday–Saturday from 11:30am to 10pm and Sunday from 11:30am to 8pm. All that’s left to decide is which sauces you’ll order first. Fitt Tip: the all-vegan Avo-Goddess is never a bad choice.