Secure Your Stuff with this Boston Company’s Bike Trunk

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Secure Your Stuff with this Boston Company’s Bike Trunk

Biking is one of the best ways to get around Boston. But it’s not all sunshine and roses.

One of the biggest problems with biking in the city is what to do with all your stuff. You don’t want to look like a pack mule or worry about it getting taken. What’s a busy biker gonna do? When you set out in the morning and plan to hit the gym, grab a drink, or just deal with Boston’s ever-changing weather, it can be difficult to juggle everything you need for the day.

Enter Buca Boot

buca boot boston

One Boston company is out to change all of that. The easiest way to think about Buca Boot is as a trunk for your bike. It’s a sleek, secure, weather-proof box that holds all the stuff you need for a full day out. And it was created by avid city cyclist Kathryn Carlson, so you know it has been road-tested and given the thumbs up.

Carlson came up with the idea for the box when she was studying in London and biking all over the city – to class, sightseeing, and dinner out. She longed for a way to treat her bike like people treat their car’s boot (what the Brits call a trunk, hence the company’s name), tossing a pair of extra shoes or umbrella inside for later.

After returning to Boston, where biking in the city was blossoming, Carlson enlisted the help of designers and engineers to help her realize her dream. After years of testing and tweaking, the Buca Boot was born.

Stylish and secure bike storage

buca boot boston

The end result is super secure, so you can leave your locked stuff inside and don’t have to carry it everywhere you go (or worry about it getting yanked). There’s a reason why people in New England say “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Luckily the Buca Boot stands up to the harsh, ever-changing Boston conditions – not an easy feat in a city that has been known to get 10 feet of snow in a single season.

The best part about the Buca Boot is that unlike a lot of other bike storage systems, you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with it on your ride. And with three colors to choose from, you can customize the modern design to suit your personality perfectly.

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