Introducing Shredded, Southie’s Newest Spot For Deliciously Healthy Bowls

Introducing Shredded, Southie’s Newest Spot For Deliciously Healthy Bowls

Boston, have you heard? We now have even more places to eat a healthy, hearty lunch! Just when you thought this city couldn’t get any better… a diet- and time-respecting salad and noodle bowl springs up just in time for post-sweat picnic season.

  • It’s time to get Shredded

    Shredded Boston
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    We’re not talking about building insane amounts of muscle at the gym, although we know a few places where you can do that too. Nope, this type of shredded is referring to salad. South Boston just became home to the newest, aptly-named health spot Shredded.

    There’s no such thing as a “boring salad” here.. With options such as the Buffalo Cauliflower, Panko Crusted Tofu, and “Cowboy Up” Steak Salad you’ll experience a surprising burst of flavor in every bite.

    And the noodle bowls? Try the Sweet Potato Pad Thai, Power Bowl, Zucchini Pesto W/ Shrimp, and more. Not feeling any of those options? Make your own! Choose the greens, grains, produce, crunch, cheese, dressing, and protein. You have complete control over the outcome of your next meal at Shredded.

    Is your mouth watering yet? We thought so.

  • Local, fresh, healthy in 02127

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    The creators of this restaurant are residents of the 02127, aka South Boston (aka Southie) — and they were looking to bring more dining options to their neighborhood. They successfully did this past March, and now Shredded is a destination for both the health nut and the foodie inside us all.

    Every ingredient is sourced locally (when possible), which honors their goal to support an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Though, community is equally important to Shredded — something you’ll see with their partnering with local gyms, nutritionists, and businesses.

    Be on the lookout for their next class promo/pairing — maybe you can score yourself a free Shredded salad. And next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop in for the new meal-in-a-bowl that’s the talk of the town (even outside Southie).