More Healthy Eats: Whole Heart Provisions is Headed to Harvard Square

More Healthy Eats: Whole Heart Provisions is Headed to Harvard Square

Who doesn’t love a delicious meal? Right, no one. And it’s even better when you can feel good about the food you’re putting in your body.

That’s the goal at Whole Heart Provisions — to give every customer a mouth-watering experience that’ll have you coming back for more. And boy, do they nail it.

  • Veggies with style

    whole heart provisions
    image via @wholeheartprovisions | Instagram

    Vegetables are so “in” right now, and Whole Heart Provisions knows it. Their dishes are 100% vegetarian-approved (and some are vegan too!), and the main attraction is the colorful, plated variety of hearty veggies. There’s a lot of love that goes into marinating, searing, roasting, blanching, and pickling every day; you’ll taste it in every bite.

    With ingredients that include Japanese eggplant, bulgogi-style beets, smashed cucumber, savory green beans, pineapple and corn salsa, pickled cauliflower, coconut curry, and so, so much more, you can’t go wrong.

    If you’re your own boss, make your own bowl, or if you’re indecisive, try a signature combination. Either way, you’re probably gonna want to come back for another round, so don’t get too worried about what you choose your first time since we all know you’ll be at Whole Heart Provision again soon.

  • Thriving and surviving

    whole heart provisions
    image via @the_gratifoodie | Instagram

    Just like the flavorful plants at Whole Heart Provisions that keep you healthy, this Boston-based restaurant chain is doing well and continuing to expand. They recently opened up their second location in Central Square, Cambridge—the first one being in Allston—and there’s substantial rumor a third spot will be coming to Harvard Square in the fall. Score!

    If you’re feeling hungry and want to feed your taste buds something they’ll love, then head over to Whole Heart Provisions. This meal will give you complete confidence that you’ve hit your veggie intake for the day, which your mom will be happy to hear.