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AUG 16, 2019



Sometimes a smoothie just won’t cut it. We get that. So we’ve scouted the town for places with bowls that add a little crunch and the power of some superfruit to take that blended goodness to the next level.

Boulder’s acai bowls come in all shapes and sizes with fun surprises like peanut butter (always a pleasant surprise), guava, tea, and more. Grab a spoon and find your favorite bowl of yum.

Whether you’re in the ATLAS building on CU’s campus, inside Steelyards next to the 29th Street Mall, or in the original location by North Boulder Park, Pekoe Sip House can get you your dose of acai anyway you want it. What’s their secret? The made-to-order bowls have tea as the main ingredient to add an extra boost of energy and nutrients. The rest is just gravy – toppings include fresh banana, coconut, and a touch of honey and organic hemp granola.

With no added sugar, some spice, and everything nice, it is fair to say Zeal has mastered the acai bowl. Between 100% organic unsweetened acai pulp, a blend of coconut oil and avocado, and banana for natural sweetness, Zeal’s creamy bowls have unmatched texture and taste. Serving daily on Pearl Street, this sweet spot knows how to please – the Brazilian Bowl steals our hearts with honey, granola, and sliced banana.

Rush Bowls on the Hill gives fast food a new name. And in the name of a delicious whip on the fly, you’ve got options. Choose from their four different fruit blended bowls: the Summit, the Legend, the Lemon Squeeze, and the favorite, Signature Beach Bowl. Enjoy real healthy flavors like pure guava, mango, acai, banana, and take notice of the organic granola and honey on top.

The Protein Bar on 29th Street turns up the heat in their acai bowls. Oatmeal with a twist, the Peanut Butter & Acai Oatmeal Plus is a local breakfast favorite. Aside from steel-cut oatmeal and acai puree, the Protein Bar tops this gluten-free, vegan bowl with organic quinoa, peanut butter, agave nectar, millet, flaxseed, amaranth, bananas, and almond milk. You’ll be full for hours.

Whole Sо̄l made its debut in Denver before landing at 1420 Pearl St. Their 100% organic, gluten-free menu is loaded with super-nourishing bites and sips, including a nutritious (and delicious!) lineup of bо̄ls. If you're an acai purist, you'll love The OG, made with a wild-harvested acai base and topped with fruit and 88 Acres granola. Try the homemade Newtella Bо̄l—their decadently healthy take on the sugary hazelnut spread—if you're willing to branch out. No matter what you pick, know that you'll be nourished, satisfied, and back for more.

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