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UPDATED JUL 14, 2020

Whether you’re in the mood for an earthy kale juice or a berry almond butter smoothie, there are so many great options in Boulder. It’s like this town wants you to be healthy or something. Well, if not, it sure feels like it. See for yourself at one of these local spots.




You’re probably familiar with Alfalfa’s Market. Let’s be honest, who isn’t? Here’s a better question: have you tried their juice bar yet? Bringing a boost to Broadway and Arapahoe, you’ve gotta stop in for one of these nutritious treats. Their menu boasts some awesome and innovative staples like wheatgrass shots and whole, young Thai coconuts. They even have a section dedicated to holistic remedies, like the immune-boosting Wizard’s Brew juice or the flu-fighting Essence of Life.

This superfood hot spot was born in Denver and expanded to Boulder with a shop right on Pearl St. Whole Sо̄l blends up organic cold-pressed juices and smoothies in fun and unique flavors. Sure, they've got the classic green juice and acai bowl, but they also have a few carefully-crafted creative picks. Take the Glacier Water, a naturally bright blue bev (thanks to the addition of blue spirulina) with coconut water, aloe water, and lemon. And don't forget the Rise and Grind, with cacao, coconut, cold brew coffee, and almond butter. They also rotate in seasonal picks to highlight what's fresh and flavorful right now.

Here’s a favorite for the college crowd walking to and from class. Setting up shop right on the Hill (and also in Gunbarrel), Rush deconstructs your typical smoothie into a “meal-in-a-bowl” that can be protein-packed, sweet, or savory. Order the Power Buff Bowl with berries, protein powder, organic granola, and honey or the Acai Beach Bowl with acai, mango, banana, guava juice, organic granola, and honey. You really can’t go wrong here. And yes, they keep it clean. No fake stuff in these bowls.

This shop in the Twenty Ninth Street mall is perfect for a healthy and refreshing juice or smoothie. The raw, cold pressed juices are purposefully crafted to be full of the good stuff and not too sweet. If you’re looking for something more filling, try one of the blended drinks, like the Ski Nut Butter and Jelly, with whey protein, almond milk, peanut butter, strawberries, and blueberries. Protein Bar caters to the plant-based squad, too. Whey protein can be replaced in any drink with a vegan powder.

This place on Pearl Street is a true gem. The ladies behind this spot firmly believe that food can transform your life—and their organic juices and nut milks will make you a believer. Seriously, we can’t get enough! Try the Maca Pecan smoothie, with house-made nut milk, coconut water, banana, pecans, maca, date, vanilla bean, and nutmeg. Craving something lighter? Grab one of their 16 oz. pre-made juices, with options ranging from greens and root veggies, to fruits and lemonades. You can also score their homemade nut milks by the bottle!

MAD Greens, at the Twenty Ninth Street mall, made a name for itself with its healthy salads and wraps. Lucky for you, they have now started to juice those greens! Keep it classic with the Green Detox made with kale, celery, cucumber, ginger, and cayenne. Or go a little sweeter with the Bright Buzz made with apple, carrot, pineapple, and bee pollen. MAD Greens makes it even easier to be healthy with a simple online ordering system, too. Your juice can be waiting for you when you arrive!

We hope you like superfoods in your smoothie, ’cause Thrive is all about loading up their liquid concoctions with ALL the most nutrient-dense ingredients. Think hemp, chlorella, spirulina, berries, herbs, and even their house-made nut milks. And don’t be intimidated if you don’t know what something is or why it is so super a food — just ask! All options are delicious and they’re all only $8.88. Check ’em out all day long on Arapahoe Avenue.

This national superfood cafe chain has a spot here in the Village Boulder Shopping Center, and with their extensive menu of acai bowls, smoothies, juices, and more, we couldn’t possibly leave them off this list. Vitality Bowls is dedicated to bringing health and wellness to its customers in the form of high-quality superfoods. Try the energizing Matcha Madness smoothie made with organic acai, almond milk, matcha, hemp seeds, dates, almond butter, and kale. Or go with a straight pressed juice, like The Intensifier, made with apple, beet, celery, raw ginger, and lemon. There are so many great options. Drink up!

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