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NOV 1, 2019


If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that you don’t mess around when it comes to your health. And when it’s time to get real about health coverage, sifting through the ins and outs of healthcare can be intimidating. Shouldn’t they be teaching us this in school?

Even if it feels like you have it all figured out, life’s changes—for better or for worse—are inevitable. When those certain changes come along, you have Special Enrollment. And with the help of Kaiser Permanente, signing up is simple.


Healthcare never shows its true value until you really need it. But, if you didn’t sign up for health insurance during Open Enrollment and you’re not covered by your employer, you can’t get coverage unless you qualify due to a life change. Say you just turned 26 (the final year you’re eligible as a dependent on your parents’ plan), land a new job, have or adopt a child, get married or divorced — your current healthcare plan may no longer provide the coverage you need.

That’s where Special Enrollment comes in — it’s a catch-all for those life changes.

But as scary as change can be, you’re not alone. Kaiser Permanente puts its members at the center of everything they do — from pioneering new ways to treat cancer to building useful tools that make it easier to manage your health. They’re also committed to providing a simpler, seamless experience so you can access the care you need when and how you need it.


This is 2019, and today’s healthcare services should meet you where you are in life — sometimes literally. Case in point: convenient resources like the Chat with a Doctor service. Maybe you just hate doctor’s offices. Maybe your on-the-go lifestyle has you putting off getting checked out when you secretly know you need it. Seven days a week, all you have to do is sign on and select the chat prompt to speak with a Kaiser Permanente doctor. They’ll already have your medical record handy, so you can confidentially discuss your health history, and even upload photos without missing a beat.

Additionally, Kaiser Permanente has recently expanded their service so that you can have a conversation with a pharmacist or a financial counselor, too. And the best part about all of this? It’s included in your plan, which means taking advantage of KP’s Chat with a Doctor option actually saves you money. There’s no doctor’s office copay, no fine print, just the satisfaction of knowing someone’s watching your back.

Healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you’ve got experts like Kaiser Permanente in your corner. And when those unavoidable life changes crop up, they’ll be ready and waiting to help field the tough questions and make sense of the details.

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Kaiser Permanente

Teaming up to help your community thrive

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