Boulder’s Best Healthy Brunch Spots

Boulder’s Best Healthy Brunch Spots

Everyone looks forward to the weekend. But in Boulder, we can’t wait for the weekend. This town is one big outdoor playground and weekends are for playing! Whether you are heading out to hike, bike, run, or climb, fueling up with healthy and relaxing brunch will get your weekend off to the right start.

Though before filling up on food coma-inducing greasy fare (nothing derails a hike like a quadruple stack of hotcakes), check out these nine nutritious and delicious brunch spots around Boulder.

  • Alpine Modern

    Alpine Modern Cafe in Boulder
    image via Alpine Modern Cafe

    This post started as a boutique selling a curated selection of lifestyle goods that unite modern design with mountain living. Pretty Boulder, huh? The cool vibe at Alpine Modern took off and spawned into a popular cafe on the Hill. It’s too easy to sit alone with your laptop, an almond milk latte, and some quinoa porridge. Or maybe bring some friends and sip on Yerba Mate tea while enjoying an egg and avocado tartine by the outdoor fire pit. Either way, you’ll love the atmosphere and healthy picks at Alpine Modern.

  • Cafe Aion

    Café Aion
    image via @cafeaion Instagram

    Small plates, big taste, happy Boulderites. That’s how Café Aion rolls. It’s a small tapas-style eatery with plenty of outdoor seating and a menu that changes with the availability of local, seasonal ingredients. Chef and owner Dakota Soifer has played a culinary role in both Julia’s Kitchen and The Kitchen (proof he is legit!), and now he’s using his experience to craft small plates right on the Hill. While the menu changes based on what’s around, know that when you go to Café Aion you are getting, fresh, local, and thoughtfully-prepared eats.

  • Blooming Beets Kitchen

    Blooming Beets in Boulder
    image via @well_belly Instagram

    No need to scan through the menu at Blooming Beets looking for the healthy option. The entire menu is free of gluten and grains. Proteins are grass-fed or wild-caught. Vegetables are largely local and organic, and oils are limited to olive, coconut, and avocado. And most importantly, everything is 100% delicious. The Powerlifter is a signature dish for good reason: a grain-free waffle (it’s made with cashews!) with pasteurized bacon, sweet potato hash, and an egg scramble. Make your way up to North Boulder and experience this gem for yourself.

  • The Kitchen

    The Kitchen Boulder, CO
    image via

    A staple of Pearl Street, The Kitchen’s consistently delicious food and shabby chic farmhouse vibe is everything you want in a brunch. The Kitchen subscribes to a “Community through Food” philosophy, so grab a seat at the shared table and make a new friend. Lean towards a light lunch with the beet and quinoa salad, or stay on the breakfast side of brunch with Dave’s Baked Eggs, with tomato sauce, kale, cilantro salsa, and grilled corn tortillas.

  • Leaf

    Vegetarian in Boulder
    image via @ruca__love | Instagram

    Leaf, on Pearl St., its their ingredients so seriously that they created their own farm nearby in Lafayette. The chef works directly with the farm to plan which organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs to grow and use in Leaf’s seasonal and entirely vegetarian menu. Try something light and unique, like the Avocado Tartare with marinated crimini mushrooms, endive, and cucumber-orange pico de gallo. For something more savory, look to the Mushroom-Brie Crepes with sweet potato creme, a sunny side egg, and brussels sprouts leaves. Or go nuts, have both!

  • Modern Market

    Modern Market in Boulder, CO
    image via

    Sure, you know this spot as a go-to for lunch or dinner when shopping at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall. But have you ever hit Modern Market for breakfast? This place knows how to do breakfast and brunch right, any day of the week. Grab a quick bite or hang around because the vibe is casual and the food is on point. If you want a tip, try the Prosciutto + Eggs breakfast plate, with cage-free eggs, creminelli prosciutto, mixed green salad with lemon maple dressing, and Izzio toast.

  • Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place

    Healthy Brunch
    image via @hungrybuff | Instagram

    Want to start your morning with a steaming mug of local, organic chicken bone broth? Sure you do. So, head over to their new space on Canyon Blvd and grab a seat at Shine. The “Gathering Place” name isn’t just for show, either. Shine really does emit a friendly, community vibe. And the food? 100% gluten- and GMO-free. They even soak and sprout all grains, nuts, and legumes. So give the house-made grain-free sprouted granola with almond milk or house-made yogurt a try.

  • Tangerine

    Tangerine in Boulder, CO
    image via Tangerine Facebook

    At Tangerine, you’ll definitely find all of the classic breakfast foods you crave, just with a healthier take. So instead of blowing off your afternoon plans for the couch, you can eat well and be active. Tangerine isn’t all eggs and potatoes, though. You’ll also find some Mediterranean-inspired options, like the minty fruit and yogurt bowl, or poached eggs over charred asparagus and local mushrooms. Let us tell you: The cheery, tangerine decor, locally-roasted coffee and healthy plates in this North Boulder spot will most certainly start your day off strong.

  • Zeal

    best brunch spots in boulder
    image via @zealfood | Instagram

    Is there anything Zeal doesn’t do well? No matter the time of day or what kind of diet you follow, Zeal nails all things healthy. Of course, brunch is no exception. Wanna go savory? Build an egg bowl with cauli rice, sweet potatoes, and sauteed kale. Or feast on the bacon fried rice, with scrambled egg, brown rice, bacon, roasted veggies, kimchi, and Shanghai sauce. Like things on the sweeter side? Dig into one of their acai bowls or a seasonal chia parfait. Then wash it all down with a fresh juice or kickstarter (bullet) coffee, made with Boulder’s own Silver Canyon beans, of course!

  • Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

    best brunch food in boulder
    image via @snoozeameatery | Instagram

    Born in Denver and loved throughout Colorado, Snooze is all about breakfast. Their menu is filled with innovative choices and they even encourage you to customize your order. And while substituting your way through the regular part of the menu is definitely possible and encouraged, the “Light As A Feather” selections have the fit(t)-friendly grub. Think quinoa breakfast bowl and egg white frittata. And no need to wait for the weekend, you can snag all-day brunch any day of the week.