Get Covered: Here’s What You Need to Know About Open Enrollment

  • Meredith Rigsby
  • Fitt
Get Covered: Here’s What You Need to Know About Open Enrollment

Even if you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to—drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, and avoiding junk food—there’s another part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that you may not have thought about. We’re talking about health care, and it’s a key part of making sure you’re in the best shape you can be.

We understand that even if you know how important having health care is, you may have put signing up on the backburner because, well… there’s a lot to navigate. But Open Enrollment season is officially here, so we’ve teamed up with our friends at Kaiser Permanente to answer some essential questions about getting health a plan.

The Need-to-know On Health Care

Let’s start with the first step: signing up for health care. If you are not currently covered by an employer-sponsored health plan, you must sign up during Open Enrollment, the period of time when you’re allowed to choose a new health plan. Seems easy enough, but Open Enrollment is only available for a specific amount of time each year, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve applied between November 1, 2018 and January 15, 2019.

Then, there’s your plan’s Deductible. If you’ve never had to deal with a deductible before, here’s the gist: you need to pay this amount before your plan starts helping you pay for most covered services. For example: if your deductible is $500, that’s how much you’ll have to pony up before your health plan picks up the bill.

We’ll leave you with the simplest concept to understand: Premium. You pay this monthly like your rent, your phone bill, or your car payment. It’s the cost of having insurance. But just like buying a 1GB data plan, you probably know that cheaper is not always better.

Understanding Your Personal Coverage

The health care plan that works for your best friend may not work for you, and that’s okay because there are plenty of options to choose from. You just have to do you.

Generally speaking, your options will depend on several things, like if you’re still on your parents’ insurance (until 26), if you’re a student, what your income is, whether or not your job provides insurance, and other personal factors.

But once you’ve signed up for health plan coverage through Kaiser Permanente, you’ll have access to the benefits of highest-rated health plan in Colorado, care from top-notch doctors, convenient online care options like Chat with a Doc, email visits, phone consultation, video visits, and the My Health Manager online tool designed to aid and empower members in managing their health care needs. You’ll be able to stay on a healthy path and catch a problem early — when they’re easier to treat.

For more information, visit Kaiser Permanente to explore your coverage options and keep your self-care game on point.