Join The Ascenders Project For a Free Weekly Sweat at Chautauqua Park

Join The Ascenders Project For a Free Weekly Sweat at Chautauqua Park

While it’s not hard to find a way to workout in Boulder, it can be hard to find the motivation to get moving or the cash for class or gear to get you going. But one group is Boulder is here to help. It’s called the Ascenders Project, and it promises to provide all the support and community you need. Best part? It’s totally free.

Just show up

Started by Polly Murray, the Ascenders Project is a pledge group for the November Project, a group started in Boston with a mission of building community through empowering (and free) group workouts. The November Project is now in cities all over the world, including Denver. So, when Polly moved to Boulder from Boston, she decided to build her own community — thus, Ascenders was born. We should note that they aren’t an official part of the November Project yet — the pledge period is designed to prove interest, passion, and commitment. So, if you want to support the pledge, all you’ve got to do is #justshowup!

The workouts are accessible to all and no sign up is required and no equipment is needed. Just show up ready to sweat and ready to smile. And after the sun is up and the muscles are warm, you’re on your way to one hell of a day. You might even want to stick around for coffee with the crew.

Join the tribe

It happens every Wednesday morning at 6:29am. The workouts often happen at Chautauqua Park, but the group takes occasional field trip to other Boulder parks, so follow along on their Facebook page to find out where they’re meeting that week — every week, no matter the weather. Good vibes and no excuses, all you’ve got to do is #justshowup.