Mark Your Calendar: Camp Yoga Is Coming To New York This August

Mark Your Calendar: Camp Yoga Is Coming To New York This August

Question: When are we too old for summer camp? It’s not fair. Sleep-away camp was awesome and being an “adult” ruined days of endless summer.

Too true? Then, you’ll love this wine-tipping, DJ-spinning yoga retreat coming to Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken New York in August.

  • Bye, mom! Bye, dad!

    Camp Yoga
    Image via @campyoga

    Say goodbye to your responsibilities because Camp Yoga, a summer camp-styled retreat geared for adults, is heading to Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, New York August 18 – 20. It’s a whirlwind weekend of fitness fun, endless activity, and lasting memories, without all the awkwardness of being a teenager.

    But just because you’re older doesn’t mean you lose out on the staples of summer camp. You’ll bunk up in cabins with strangers (soon-to-be friends). You’ll grub together in the mess hall, loading up a tray (3x per day), and plopping it down at the communal table for all campers. And don’t think for one minute there won’t be crafts — sign up for a workshop to make moccasins, craft a candle, or paint ceramics.

  • Not just [Camp] yoga.

    image via Darby Magill

    At the heart of it, though, Camp Yoga provides some amazing yoga (surprise of the century). But don’t think this is kumbaya around a campfire — you’ll be taking part in a variety of specialized classes including SUP Yoga, TRX & Kettlebells, Acro Yoga, and more!

    There’s. so. much. to. do. It’s impossible to be bored here. It helps having the DJ raves, live music, and booze to wind down the night (or turn up…).

  • We’re never going back!

    image via @darbymagill

    The bad news? You have to leave when the weekend is over. So make some friendship bracelets and get in one last climb on the rock wall. But at the end of the day, know this: We’re adults, and we can call our new friends to relive some yoga, and drive to put our kettlebell skills to good use at the gym, and drink wine (enough said).

    No matter how you cut it, Camp Yoga is an experience that you’ll never forget. So hurry up and register!