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Elizabeth Segarra

Have you been wanting to try the workout that whips your favorite celebrities into shape (without flying out to NYC or LA)? Well, good news: Barry’s Bootcamp—a favorite among Hollywood’s elite—plans to open permanent digs in Charlotte later this summer. Get ready to join the hustle and find out why Barry’s regulars claim it’s “The best workout in the world.”


Tone muscle, maximize fat loss, and increase your metabolism. No, this isn’t an ad for the latest get-fit-fast craze — it’s what you can expect when you take a class at Barry’s. Prepare for a high-intensity cardio workout that will keep burning calories even after the bootcamp ends and that last bead of sweat drops.

It all begins when you step inside the Red Room. The trademark red lights turn on, the music is cranked up, and the instructors won’t miss a beat getting those muscles shaking. That might sound intimidating if you’re a first-timer. But the upbeat instructors, pump-up tracks, and red glow will be distracting enough to carry you through the challenging class.


No two classes are the same at Barry’s, but there are general formats you can count on. If you’re in an original class, you’ll get 25 minutes of cardio on the treadmill with 25 minutes of strength training on the floor. Then there’s the Double Floor class, a full-strength, treadmill-free workout. We’ll bet you’ll be sore the next day, even without the treadmill.

What else can you expect aside from heart-pumping workouts? We’re glad you asked. One of the coolest features of the CLT studio is the Fuel Bar, a resource that isn’t available in every location. Stop by to order a custom whey protein smoothie created by nutritionists and designed to boost your post-workout metabolism. Fitt Tip: pre-order your shake at the Fuel Bar so it’s ready for you after class.


The popular franchise is known for establishing locations in major cities worldwide but is expanding to new areas quickly, and Charlotte made the top of the list. “In opening new studios, we really listen to our clients. Charlotte has been a topic of conversation for a while now, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce the Queen City to the Best Workout in the World,” said Jessica Vikser, Marketing Content Associate at Barry’s. Since Barry’s is one of the biggest names in the game, don’t be surprised if other boutique fitness operations follow suit and expand to Charlotte.


You won’t have to go out of your way to fit in a workout at Barry’s. The studio is making its home in the South End’s Atherton shopping area, making your weekend errand run a breeze. Swing by Living Kitchen to order a plant-based meal after class, or head over to the Atherton Farmers Market to make stock up on meal-prep produce.

Block off your calendar for a big celebration at the studio when the doors finally open, starting with a class led by CEO Joey Gonzalez. We wouldn’t be shocked if more surprises are in store… our fingers are crossed for a future Barry’s collaboration with a local brewery. So, start stretching now, and follow Barry’s on Instagram for the latest info!