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JUL 14, 2020



Are you the type that likes variety in your fitness routine? You wouldn’t be alone. In today’s landscape, one-dimensional gyms and studios are being met with a wave of concepts that offer more.

Maybe you like to start your week off slow, unwinding at a Monday yoga class, but by midweek, you’re ready to rev your heart rate up at a HIIT bootcamp. It’s a reality, and most fitness concepts are adding in a crossover workout or two to keep up — but Hive Fitness, Charlotte’s newest boutique fitness experience, has effectively redefined studio-hopping.


Opened January 18, 2020 in Lower South End, Hive brings four of the most popular boutique studios AND an open gym (plus childcare) all under one roof. The massive warehouse space houses a central, open gym called Gravity, a barre studio called Barre CLTure, a yoga studio called TranscendYOGA, a HIIT concept called Ignite+, and a cycling studio called NEXTcycle.

“When you think of a boutique studio, you think of small and specialized and that it should be more intimate,” Hive co-owner Rob Jenkins said. “Even though we’re a bigger facility, we didn’t want to lose that feel, so we gave each studio its own brand and its own lead instructor manager.”

According to Jenkins, each of Hive’s instructors have had prior boutique studio experience and have a dedicated focus to their respective studios. While you’ll see some of the instructors lean into more than one discipline, the goal was to specialize, or according to Jenkins, be “really, really good at what they do.”

Jenkins and co-owner Josiah Boling founded Hive Fitness when they met in real estate school. At the time, Boling was attending three fitness studios between him and his fiancée, spending around $500–$600 monthly just on classes. This inspired the two to combine their real estate knowledge with their passion for fitness.

“Our thought was, is it feasible for us to charge what one studio is charging and offer a lot more value in one place?” Jenkins told Fitt. It turns out, after renovating a 14,000-square-foot space on Southside Dr., the answer was clear.


Walk into Hive Fitness and you’ll immediately feel part of the family — from the friendly staff to the exposed brick walls to the cozy seating area across from the coffee and smoothie bar. Fitt Tip: try the PB&J smoothie for the perfect blend of sweet and salty, with just a hint of cocoa.

A membership at the Hive ranges from $59–$179, with an all-access membership getting you access to the main gym floor, featuring various cardio machines and a well-equipped weight room, plus up to eight classes per month. And the four varied studio concepts may be the biggest draw.

Barre CLTure offers a variety of full-body workouts combining ballet, Pilates, and cardio, resulting in both fat-burning and resistance training workouts. TranscendYOGA offers deep stretch, Vinyasa, and more, whether you want to wind down or sweat to the max.

Ignite+, meanwhile, is “far more than a run-of-the-mill “bootcamp.” Taking place in a spacious area dedicated to group exercise, the class offers MetCon and full-on HIIT workouts, with a schedule assigning a different muscle group to each day of the week. Last but not least, NEXTcycle features power-focused rides, endurance rides, and some fun themed classes in a studio decked out with mood lighting and a powerful sound system.

Oh, and did we mention that free childcare is also provided for kiddos? Founders Jenkins and Boling, and their cast of star instructors, are determined to make the place feel like one big, happy family, or “Hive” — the gym’s namesake is as much a nod to our Hornets team as the structure of the gym itself.

[A hive is] a community of beings that are all working. They all have their own responsibilities within their own methods of getting there, but they’re all working towards one common goal and one common element,” Jenkins said. “That’s kind of like us—our team and our members. Everybody is here to try to get in better shape, but it’s up to you the way you want to do it.”


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