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For as much as Charlotteans love drinking local brews, we also love getting outside and staying fit. Whether you’re in a workout rut or looking to try something new, these local fitness studios are sure to keep you motivated and moving all year long.




Iron Tribe Fitness


At Iron Tribe Fitness in Dilworth and Cotswold, there are three focuses: push, power, and perform. Whether your goal is increasing your strength or getting to the next level in your sport, Iron Tribe Fitness has you covered. And here, they take a personalized approach to group classes, which include cardio, body weight, and weightlifting movements, so they’ll be with you every step (or rep) of the way.

The team over at Kādi Fit in Cornelius has a unique way of thinking about exercise, and they won’t just tell you about it — they’ll make you live it. As a studio that preaches “Intention. Acceleration. Reflection.”, you should know that you’re going to be working both your body and mind. Between their cardio/hip-hop/strength fusion Kardio Karve, their functional- and mobility-focused Primal classes, and their athletic and oh-so-sweaty Yoga Flow, you’ll be ready for anything life could throw your way.

RockBox Fitness


Stop in for a one-hour workout at RockBox‘s Westover Hills, Huntersville, or Blakeney studios and you’ll be thrown into a rockin’, beats-driven atmosphere (after you wrap your hands, of course). Once you’re in the mitts, the trainers will guide you through combos and kicks with no danger of any punches landing on your chin — it’s all in the name of getting fit, not hit. But if you think you’re done after some shadowboxing, wait until you hit the truck tires, weight sleds, medicine balls, and tons of other tools of the trade to finish off your extra-sweaty workout.

CORE 704


Head to NoDa (and soon to be Southend) for some high-intensity, low-impact training at CORE 704. This studio brings everything you love about fitness classes and puts it into one intense program. What they’re best known for is a piece of equipment called The CoreFormer. Expect this machine to give you an all-over workout that will transform your body.

You already knew Inner Peaks was the best local spot for indoor climbing, but did you know it could be your go-to gym, too? With a membership at Inner Peaks in South End and Crown Point, you not only get to climb and boulder to your heart’s desire, you also get access to their full-service gym. Climb on — and when you’re done, grab some weights.

Weightlifting, boxing, and bootcamps — Functional Fit literally has it all. Bringing personalized fitness together with studio-style classes in South End, you can try something different every day. Plus, their focus is on keeping you active and injury-free, so you can get fit the healthy way.

Hey, wannabe yogis, this one’s for you. Attending your first yoga class can be scary. There are so many words you don’t know and positions you can’t hold (yet). But the teachers at Be Yoga totally get that and embrace yogis of all levels. They even offer a program exclusively for newbies to help them learn the practice while also keeping things light and fun. Come roll out a mat in Dilworth or head south to their Carmel spot.



You might’ve seen MADabolic studios in Elizabeth and South End and wondered what they’re all about. Allow us to break it down for you: MAD is an acronym that stands for momentum, anaerobic, and durability, and the classes are all about making you feel like a powerful, primal athlete. Cool, right? Whether you’re a runner, yogi, or just a fitness enthusiast, MADabolic creates workout routines to fit your goals. Try it once, and you’re sure to be as mad about it as we are.

The Bar Method


Here’s a bar that has nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with getting fit. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a dancer or just looking to try something new, classes at this SouthPark and Waverly studio go beyond stretching and twirling — they use props like free weights, mats, and a ball to give you a killer workout. What makes this studio truly unique? Its program was developed under the watchful eye of physical therapists who ensure that not only is it safe — but it works.

Formerly CrossFit South End, Urban MVMNT aims to bring you the best hour of your day — and we have no doubt they’re nailing it. A far cry from your traditional gym, this is a headphones-free zone where the focus is simple: get fit, without getting bored. And if you’re early for class, grab a pre-workout coffee from the gym’s caffeinated neighbor, South End Grind.

Charlotte Yoga


Quiet your mind, heal your heart, and feel alive in a Charlotte Yoga Hatha yoga class. Whether you’re looking for a challenging flow or a light stretch, Charlotte Yoga has two locations (ParkTowne and South End) that both host classes all day long, so you can make sure your body gets what it needs. Namaste, y’all.



CycleBar is one of the strongest contenders in Charlotte’s cycling studio game with locations in Midtown, SouthPark, Waverly, and Lake Norman. Join a class and pedal fast to pumped up beats — but that’s not all. Check your stats at the end of class to see how you did compared to last time. Ready to go for a ride? Us, too. We’ll meet you for post-class mimosas at their Sunday brunch class.

Love yoga? How about getting sweaty? Arrichion puts the power in power yoga with hot yoga and circuit-training classes that are sure to make you feel the burn. Stop by their spot in South End for a sweat sesh that’s all about finding your balance, improving your flexibility, and becoming a better overall athlete.



You’ve probably heard about 9Round — there are more than 700 studios around the world. When you’re ready to give one of their hard-hitting workouts a try, stop by one of the eight Charlotte locations. Here’s how it works: every three minutes, you move to a new station, and after station nine, you’re done! You won’t waste any time (you’ll be in and out in 30 minutes), and you can workout on your own schedule. Really, you can’t beat that.

If you prefer a personalized boutique workout experience, check out Jamie Scott Fitness in South End. This studio offers cycling, yoga, HIIT classes, and circuit-style workouts that’ll get your butt in gear. And no matter which class you take, you will definitely sweat… a lot. Plus, you’ll be inspired by their super-specialized coaches — or “motivators” as they call them to push yourself to your edge. Their uplifting and supporting community doesn’t hurt, either.



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