Get to Know MADabolic, Charlotte’s Most Innovative, Interval-Driven Sweat Spot

Get to Know MADabolic, Charlotte’s Most Innovative, Interval-Driven Sweat Spot

Surely, if you’ve been around Elizabeth, South End, or have any sort of grip on the Charlotte fitness scene, you’ve heard of MADabolic. Their interval-driven, multifaceted workouts could humble you, but their confident and gritty vibe matched with their effective and addicting workouts keep people coming back.

  • What is MADabolic?

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    They say it best with their mantra: “We are athletes, we are parents, we are runners, we are yogis. We are the weekend warriors. We like to move and we move often. We didn’t choose this, we are this. We were MAD before the MADness existed.” Let’s unpack this a bit, shall we?

    MADabolic is an innovative program designed to improve everyday strength and athleticism. From everyday people to elite athletes, MADabolic provides you the strength to fuel whatever your passion may be, whether you’re interested in long-term health, getting strong AF, balancing your yoga or running routine… or just feeling good naked (no shame). No doubt that MADabolic’s stellar programming coupled with their rockstar trainers gets you the results you’re looking for.

  • A unicorn of a gym

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    MADabolic CLT is no ordinary strength and conditioning gym. Each day revolves around a specific work-to-rest ratio, designating a well-crafted combination of strength, power, primal athleticism, cardio, and boxing (aka “torque”) to the respective interval. Though, you won’t find a barbell in the MADhouse — strength is their foundation and top priority. In line with clean, top-of-the-line equipment, expect to work with kettlebells, dumbbells, med balls, and other functional strength-building tools that minimize injury without sacrificing a dope ass workout.

    For you cardio fanatics, expect sprints, UltraSlide Slideboards, Concept2 Rowers, BikeErgs, and SkiErgs. Wondering what the hell those are? You’ll have to go in and see for yourself (just be sure to bring your lungs). Fitt Tip: BOLO for their “Cardio Week”… it happens four times per year and will have your cardio-loving heart swoon.

    Have we mentioned their MADass trainers? They’ll get you up to speed in no time. Really, if you value a high caliber of training that lends attention to proper form (in addition to edgy personalities and gritty playlists), this is your place.

  • MAD props

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    Are you in yet? You should be, and it’s easy to stop by — MADabolic SouthEnd is the flagship/OG, and will teach you a thing or two about sweat. MADabolic Elizabeth is also open for biz, making the MADness a convenient training option regardless of your Charlotte corner. Be sure to reserve your class ahead of time, as classes are capped and fill up. The good news? You’ll never feel packed like sardines. And that’s a blessing if you know anything about group exercise.

    Fitt Exclusive: any MADabolic CLT newbie reading this article can enjoy 10 consecutive days of MADness for $10! You’re welcome.