We know the amount of fitness studios in Chicago is enough to make your head spin! That’s why we’ve burpee’d, pedaled, and flowed our way to finding the very best. No matter what your preferred workout style and goals, you’re guaranteed to find your new fit fam.




The dark room. The red glow. The high-energy vibes — Barry’s Bootcamp will get. your. heart. pumping! This high-intensity workout moves you from strength training floor workouts to treadmill sprint intervals. Inspiring trainers at both Chicago outposts (River North and Lincoln Park) will push you through each fun-filled (yes, we said fun-filled) hour-long session, encouraging you to do your best. And since you can adjust your speed and weights depending on your fitness level, all are welcome.

This Aussie-based team training workout has 27(!) different classes to choose from! Meaning your workouts here will be anything but routine. Here, the F = functional and the 45 = the length of each session. Each class at their Lincoln Park or Evanston outposts (with about a dozen studios in development) combines interval, cardio, and strength training by creating different stations of equipment, keeping you guessing and guaranteeing you’ll be blasting fat and building lean muscle in no time.

OYM was founded by badass Nike Master Trainer Emily Hutchins, whose philosophy is to train hard and train smart. The core of each class always comes back to functional movement, whether you’re a mother or highly-trained athlete. Between their West Loop, Bucktown, West Side gyms, On Your Mark offers all different types of classes from running, cycling, strength training, mobility, and more!

When you break down an hour-long class into four 15-minute intervals, your workout will FLY BY — and that’s exactly what you can expect from Shred415. What else? Well, the lights will be low, and the energy is always high — it’s quite the experience. You’ll spend half the class is lifting weights on the floor and the other half kicking ass on the treadmills. And props to the intense instructors (training in Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Old Town, and the South Loop) counting and keeping everything straight! But don’t be scared — all activity levels are welcome!

The hammock-focused aerial yoga and fitness classes at AIR strengthen and lengthen your core by literally sweeping you off your feet. But don’t worry if you’re a beginner, they offer a special class to help you get a handle on all the moves (and you should take it). What’s the secret to this workout? While you are suspended in the air, you are working your abs, obliques, and back. It’s hard-CORE! (See what we did there?) Prepare for lift-off in River North, Lincoln Park, the South Loop, and up north in Winnetka.

YogaSix offers a variety of classes that range in difficulty, and even though this is a chill yoga studio, you’ll definitely have some heavy-duty muscle soreness after one of their Yoga Sculpt classes! Each Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, and South Loop location is clean and beautiful, guaranteeing you’ll walk out feeling quite zen.

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River North’s Studio Three is a fitness junkie’s dream come true. Three floors are equipped with an interval training studio, a cycling studio (with a top-of-the-line sound system), and a yoga studio. And the Graze cafe in the lobby offers coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, acai bowls and more for some delicious post-workout fuel. Also, no need to worry about being late for work after a sweaty session, as there are plenty of bathrooms, towels, and showers to accommodate all three levels. Fitt Tip: there's an even bigger, second Studio Three in Lincoln Park.

Walk into any of the Old Town, Southport, North Shore, or The Loop SoulCycle locations and you’ll find a clean, light atmosphere with empowering mantras on the walls. Then, proceed to immerse yourself in the dark room, the bumping music, candlelight, and inspiring words from your instructor as you conquer each ride. This is a tight-knit community (some say even a bit cultish) that’ll have you coming back for more sweat and more camaraderie!

Windy City Strength & Conditioning, home to Windy City CrossFit, is equipped with all the must-haves for the ultimate box: cool loft space stocked with boxes, kettlebells, rowers, gymnastic rings, and more. Plus, they offer multiple group classes as well as personal training, so you can get that one-on-one opportunity if you need a little extra instruction. Though, if you do go solo, we’d have to recommend still getting to know the fellow WODmates around their Lakeview gym — the community is amazing.

TITLE Boxing Club’s mission? To have you beat up a bag and relieve some stress while having the best hour of your day. Pretty cool. All levels are invited for this mind-body challenge and some even say it’s addictive. Each class is divided by warm-ups, active rest periods, three-minute rounds, and a core workout finisher. The amount of rounds depends on the length of class which ranges from 30, 45, 60, or 75 minutes. And with up to eight classes per day, seven days per week, at four Chicago locations (plus a couple further afield), you’ll be sure to look shredded in no time! FYI: lockers and gloves are provided (if you don’t have your own) and your first class at any of their four Chicago locations is free.

[solidcore] is in a league of its own when it comes to Megaformer/reformer/Pilates workouts. With their own methodology and custom-designed machine named "[sweatlana]", the studios in Wicker Park, Boystown, and River North deliver a low-impact, small-class, sculpting, strengthening workout that will leave you sore for days — and that's not an exaggeration after your first, or even fifth class. But that same soreness yields serious results. The small resistance movements will test your balance, core and leg strength, and mental toughness. We would say buckle up, but [sweatlana] doesn't have seatbelts.

CTF Chicago caters to those with busy lifestyles! Offering over 150 weekly 50-minute sessions in the West Loop, Roscoe Village, and North Side locations, you no longer have no excuse to skip that workout. Whether you’re free in the morning, afternoon, or night there’s a time slot for you. Plus, each class varies depending on the instructor’s choice of powerful exercises and energetic music. And did we mention you can torch up to 1,200 cals per sweat session?! On top of that, the combination of interval, cardio, and strength training is designed to get that beloved ‘after-burn’ effect. Sign us up!

Whether you are competitive by nature or tend to keep to yourself, Flywheel is the cycling class for you. Both their Gold Coast and Old Town locations have electronic bikes that give you the option to throw your stats up on the big screen and compete with others, not just yourself. But if you prefer to keep things to yourself, performance stats are saved in the iPhone app for you to keep and track your progress over time. Gotta love technology! Need a little help justifying the cost? Shoes, towels, and water are included.

With nearly 30 locations within the Chicagoland area, how can you miss a chance to flow with CPY? New to the scene? Try for a week free! CPY offers traditional yoga, a combination of strength + yoga, or cardio + yoga. The music is almost as hot as the class, no matter if you choose heated or unheated varieties. Oh, and there’s a retail boutique at each studio loaded with activewear so you’ll be sure to be stylin’ at every class.

An explosive high-intensity workout, SWEAT's signature classes can burn up to 1,000 per workout. You'll work a different muscle group every day of the week — whether it's Total Body Tabata Tuesdays or getting that Friday feeling with Cardio & Core, you'll keep coming back for more. And being that you could be using TRX, medicine balls, rowers, ropes, kettlebells, and more on a given day at their Lincoln Park and Gold Coast studios, you'll never get bored.

The name says it all. Gold Coast’s Exhale will have you be doing just that profusely after one of their barre, cardio, or yoga classes. Because Exhale is a spa as well, sign up for a massage, facial, or mani after class! And if you’re interested in taking your health and fitness to the next level, Exhale offers experienced nutrition and wellness professionals who provide meal plans based on your lifestyle. Fitt Tip: in the summer months, Exhale offers rooftop classes in a unique location so you can start your mornings off with a view!

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