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JUL 14, 2020



Kill it, then chill it. That’s the motto for River North VersaClimber studio and ultimate recovery destination, GOAT Climb & Cryo. The quirky name is an obvious nod to the climbing aspect of the class but also the popularized acronym for ‘Greatest Of All Time’. And trust us — after you crush this ruthless workout, the rush of good vibes and chill of cutting-edge recovery will have you feeling elite.


VersaClimbers, fairly new to the fitness world and very new to Chicago, are a full-body, single-user stepping apparatus — a new-age StairMaster from hell.

The studio’s vice president, Pierre Thomas, a retired NFL running back and Super Bowl champ, has a lot to say for the equipment. The Climber delivers a functional, full-body workout without the joint brutality of other cardio equipment like the treadmill, for example. According to Thomas, it torches more calories than any other piece of cardio equipment available, while the low-impact nature makes for an easy recovery afterward.

Naturally, with Thomas behind the scenes, there is a competitive edge to the class. But don’t expect an overproduced spectacle like an NFL game. Imagine a darkly lit studio with neon lights, VersaClimbers stacked with adjustable resistance, eight hard-hitting songs, and a heart-thumping, tempo-driven cardio climb guided by a seriously motivating instructor and you’ve got GOAT.

During your 30-minute session, you’ll go head-to-head with your fellow climbers and see your workload (measured in feet) ranked on a big screen to keep you motivated and pushing harder to the finish. That motivation is part of the class’s magic.

“No one can do a VersaClimber workout that long on their own,” co-owner and president Lindsey Williams told Fitt.

Having experienced the GOAT treatment, take it from us — if you’ve been staring at a blank wall in your gym while trying to bear your beloved repetitive cardio, this time-efficient and effective workout might just be the spice you’ve been needing.


As if that wasn’t enough to get you into class and onto a VersaClimber, GOAT also offers innovative recovery technology. Its team noticed an increasing trend towards recovery in major hubs like NYC and LA and didn’t hesitate to bring it over to us folks in Chi-town. In addition to a luxe lounge space complete with foam rollers and NormaTec compression boots, GOAT offers a whole host of recovery innovations.

GOAT currently provides cryotherapy chambers with liquid nitrogen, localized cryotherapy, an infrared sauna room, and IV therapy treatments. They even have plans to welcome in lymphatic drainage massages and isolated cryoskin therapy to help detox and aid stubborn fat loss.

GOAT Climb & Cryo classes are open and ready for the taking, and Fitt Tip: right now your first class is free! So, what are you waiting for? Grab a friend (and a towel) and get ready to rise up before you chill in this new River North gem.


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