UPDATED OCT 18, 2019

Forget beverages with high quantities of added sugar and questionable ingredients. There are plenty of options throughout Chicagoland to get a fix of fresh, cold-pressed juice. Check out our guide below to help quench your thirst in a good-for-you way.




Picture this: you get a DAMNGOOD workout at Studio Three and then treat yourself to a DAMNGOOD juice and/or smoothie (and/or acai bowl) at GRAZE. The best part? You can do it all under one roof. You can even pre-order your protein-packed drink before you start class so it’s ready for you as soon as you’re done. Plus, you can also check out GRAZE in the Revival Food Hall in the Loop.

The name of this healthy corner market doesn’t lie. You’ll feel like a divine deity after hitting up the juice bar at Goddess and the Baker. With two convenient locations in the Loop, you can soak up the benefits of several nutritious juice concoctions, all of which are freshly made in house.

FruVe claims to be “the world’s most complete juice bar”, and it’s definitely worth heading to this juicery in the Loop to find out why. You haven’t seen variety until you’ve seen the company’s organic, cold-pressed juice menu. We’re talking more than 25 juice options to choose from, plus DIY juice combos you can dream up.

If you haven’t gotten your juice fix at Belli’s, you haven’t truly been to Pilsen. This unique local foods and juice market has character, charisma, and cold-pressed juice that will leave you wondering why you aren’t already a regular. Belli’s is all about local, fresh ingredients, the menu is always changing, but one thing stays the same: the drinks are cleansing, refreshing, and definitely worth coming back for.

Brü Chicago is your on-the-go beverage fix right at the well-known, six-corner intersection of Wicker Park, where the plant-based cafe and co-working space has made a name for itself. And the menu is incredibly diverse; we’re talking raw juice selections, smoothies, “healing shots”, and more, including coffee, tea, and food galore for health nuts like us.

Positive, “hi” vibes are the only feels you’ll find at these all-organic, superfood juiceries near the Merchandise Mart, and the reason is obvious: there are more than 20 different kinds of cold-pressed delights to be found. And if you want something more hearty and wholesome, smoothies, a full-service coffee bar, and other “innovations” make this a haven for clean eaters.

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Brunching just doesn’t feel right without a freshly squeezed juice and smoothie menu. Luckily, Meli Cafe has eateries in River North, Greektown, and the South Loop, so you can enjoy one of your favorite pastimes with some of your favorite beverages. Major plus: Meli has an entire menu dedicated to juice blends, juices, and wheatgrass shots, so you can get an added dose of wellness while you sip your potion of choice.

It doesn’t matter if it takes solid or liquid form, everything from Chicago Raw is unbelievably nourishing. Their beverage game is strong (coconut water and kombucha all day), and their Signature Green Juice is always refreshing. But their smoothie selection brings it home — from sipping on a 2:30 Pick-Me-Up with maca and ginger to going at a thick-spun acai bowl with a spoon, behold the raw goodness with every sip (or spoonful).

The Canadian chain has been rapidly spreading all across Chicago, so you’ll be hard-pressed (pun intended) not to find one in your ‘hood; the brand has more than 20 Chicago locations! Freshii is all about doling out fresh, nutritious juices and smoothies that keep you energized, and, if you’re looking for something solid, Freshii also serves salads and good-for-you burritos, too.

The juices at JuiceRx are all 100% raw, organic, vegan, and delicious. As soon as you walk into this trendy shop in the heart of Bucktown, you’ll be overwhelmed (in the best way) by the refrigerated shelves of freshly bottled, ready-to-enjoy juice. And, if you’re looking for smoothies, healthy snacks, and salads as well, you’ll find those here, too.

The name says it all: this stuff is good... REAL good. With nine Chicago spots, plus Evanston, Schaumburg, and Willowbrook, this juice and healthy food haunt is impossible to pass up — especially after a serious sweat session. The more than three pounds of organic natural produce per bottle always does the trick to make you feel replenished, and menu items such as the Juice Springsteen, which features celery, apple, kale, Swiss chard, dandelion greens, parsley, ginger, and lemon, will put a spring in your step.

With a third location in Ravenswood (in addition to Lakeview and Wicker Park), City Press Juice & Bottle serves cold-pressed juices (the juicing method of the moment, since it gets as many nutrients as possible out of the fruits and veggies used) that are created right on site. Everything’s always 100% raw and organic, which is something we can get behind. Bonus: the Superfood Blends can be boosted with a Superfood Dose, like coconut oil or chia seeds, so you can get even more bang out of your juice.

The locally-sourced juices at Left Coast are so good, we’d go all the way to California to get them. But luckily, we don’t have to because Left Coast has brought its freshness to us in the Loop, Lakeview, and River North. With 12 different kinds of juices and six smoothies with interchangeable ingredients to meet your dietary restrictions, you’ll never want to leave (and don’t even get us started on their delicious food menu!).

You’ve got to love a company that places its two locations in the Loop, where many Chicagoans work, and in Lincoln Park, where many Chicagoans live. That means a smoothie made with real fruit is never too far out of reach. Bonus tip: you can always choose to take it up a notch by adding wheatgrass powder, vitamin C, protein powder, or spirulina for under a buck. Ain’t life grand?

Healthy living got a whole lot easier once Protein Bar launched in Chicago, and even more so since it has expanded to locations beyond the city and into the ‘burbs. Sure, you’re already a fan of their Southwest Salad, but next time you’re in, set your gaze on the blended drinks part of the menu — they all sweetened solely with the natural sugars found in fruit and milk. Fitt Tip: the Millennium Perk, with its chocolate and espresso protein, almond milk, and cocoa malt, hits the spot for chocolate-lovers.

Each freshly-squeezed creation at Joe & the Juice, which was introduced to the Windy City with three locations in 2018, serves a higher purpose (besides, you know, being delicious). There’s one for clear vision. There’s another for “young blood.” There’s even a Go Away Doc to cure what ails ya. They’ve got a juice-filled remedy for just about everything — except how to choose one off the menu!

Although Harvest Juicery sells its wares throughout the city, it’s definitely worth checking out the main storefront in Fulton Market. The menu is divided into juice sections based on your preferences: greens, roots, fruits, and shots. You’ll also see smoothies (with your choice of four different kinds of nut milk) and healthy bites on there as well.

Loop Juice shares the love with those who live and work in the West Loop or commute through Ogilvie train station. It’s situated right smack dab in the heart of the French Market, but it’s worth braving the early-morning crowds to score a made-to-order treat. Best of all? You can customize your order to your exact specifications. Day = made.

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