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JUN 19, 2020



It’s no secret that River North is a hub for all things wellness. You can find just about anything from health-focused sit-down restaurants to the latest and greatest in niche sweat spots. But this summer, the River North wellness squad will be introduced to a first-of-its-kind mash-up: Graze x Ingrained Granola pop-up shop. Talk about a power couple.

This collab between one of Chicago’s most-loved smoothie spots and a self-made grain-free granola connoisseur has been turning heads since its June 3 opening, and it’s not hard to see why. With options like protein mylkshakes, CBD-infused raw bars, and matcha nice cream, this dynamic duo is bringing summertime superfood to 108 W. Chicago Ave. this summer.


When Mason Edelson, owner of Graze, heard of storefront real estate opening up in River North, he immediately turned to his friend Sydney Verwilst, owner of Ingrained, to plan for the co-branded pop-up space.

Most Chicagoans are familiar with Graze, the smoothie company that has a home in each Studio Three facility as well as Revival Food Hall, but let us get you acquainted with Ingrained.

Think tasty, bright, contemporary, adaptogenic superfood mash-ups and you might just imagine something close to what Ingrained delivers on the daily. Previously only available for purchase online and through Chicago Health Foods, now when you walk into this stylish shop, you can be wowed by an array of freshly made raw bars, truffles, and granola with thoughtfully chosen ingredients and flavors like Lemon Blueberry CBD, Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake, and Rainbow Peanut Butter, just to name a few.

And sure, the bespoke selection of handcrafted goodies is very pretty (and most likely covered in edible glitter) but don’t be fooled by the emphasis on aesthetic — at its core, this food is all about function and macronutrient balance.

“I would never sell you something that I wouldn’t eat myself,” Sydney told Fitt.

For Sydney, the purpose behind her shop is much deeper than just serving up sweet treats. Everything on Ingrained’s menu is 100% organic, plant-based, soy-free, grain-free (this surprises most people), gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. Basically, anything that could potentially inflame your body is tossed aside and what you’re left with is a selection of satisfying treats that work for you, not against you.


Ingrained Granola began with Sydney’s own health journey, which began after a surgery where she experienced considerable difficulty in recovery. After months of trying to heal, she turned her attention to her diet. She then had the realization that food can serve as medicine, and thus, the seed for Ingrained had been planted.

Fast-forward through a few years of recipe testing, late nights and early mornings in her kitchen, word-of-mouth business generation, and lots of happy Instagram customers, and what you have is one successful, self-made boss babe. Her mission with this new shop is to fill a spot in Chicago’s health sphere that’s aimed at helping you find balance and ease food fear.

“My brand is about tuning into your body and the experience of how beautiful and medicinal food is,” Sydney says.

Graze and Ingrained are perfect complements, and it gives Graze a vehicle for delivering more of its summertime favorites during sweltering temps. If this pop-up is a smashing success, the duo might consider keeping it for the long haul or transforming it into an incubator space for other entrepreneurs, but currently, the plan is to stay open until October.

So, now that you’re all caught up (and probably much hungrier) on this Graze x Ingrained summertime collab, you can go grab your own in River North — and make it quick because, well... let’s be real: we all know how short Chicago summers can be.


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