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MAY 28, 2019

Chicago, meet P.volve — the workout that pays an extraordinary amount of attention to your backside.

Since launching in 2017, P.volve has dominated the online streaming space and welcomed over 4,500 clients into their New York studio. With the help of high-profile celebs and Victoria’s Secret models boasting about this workout, the P.volve workout has grown and attracted millennials and moms from all fitness levels and backgrounds — and now they’re looking to take over Chicago’s fitness scene.


There’s no denying what’s en vogue right now is workouts that emphasize going hard or going home, with new HIIT studios popping up like Starbucks everywhere across the country, Chicago included. But to that P.volve says thanks but no thanks.

Their philosophy is all about creating aesthetic, stability, and strength. Its creator, Stephen Pasterino, molded the technique with the goal to train women like women, not like men — which makes for a workout that takes special care in recognizing physiological differences and prehabs potential pitfalls. That means fewer injuries, less inflammation and toned, capable bodies that will carry women through life at every level.

The workout is all about functional fitness — so no running, lunging, crunching, or jumping will be found at the incoming Chicago space. But make no mistake, the multi-directional, hyper-focused movements will light your core on fire, lengthen your limbs, and give you one heck of a lower-body lift.

“This will either be the easiest workout you’ll ever do or the hardest,” says director of talent and training Evan Lee Breed.


The workout has been known to turn heads with its emphasis on ever-intriguing equipment like the “P.ball”, which goes right in between your upper thighs and straps around your legs to add resistance and keep it in place. Yes, what you’re imagining is just as strange as it sounds but rest assured this new spin on an old aerobic classic is sure to burn those hard-to-target zones.

With other low-intensity tools like 2lb. dumbbells, ankle weights, and arm and leg bands, you can expect a workout filled with low, slow reps, pulses, and hip-openers designed to sculpt. Fitt Tip: If you’re brand new to P.volve, start off with the P.ball (for your lower-body) and (for your upper-body) to get the most out of your workouts.


By the end of 2019, P.volve plans to open up permanent studios around downtown Chicago, LA, and internationally. Until they formally sign their lease on their local studio—as of this writing, they’re rumored to be looking at West Loop—keep an eye out for their monthly pop-ups, often held at Old Town’s Fit Body Bootcamp, on their events page.

Plus, if you’re just as excited as we are and can’t wait to try this up-and-coming workout for yourself, you can always stream their workouts from home — which might be a good way to dip your toes if you’re shy about strapping into the P.ball...