Find Your Flow: 24 Incredible Yoga Studios in Chicago

Find Your Flow: 24 Incredible Yoga Studios in Chicago

Yoga is kind of a big deal in Chicago. But you probably already knew that. It’s almost impossible to walk down the street without passing a studio (or 10) and countless yoga-loving disciples with their mat in tow.

If you’re anxious to get in on the action, you’re in luck. Chicago has a ton of studios and yoga hot spots to try out. So many, in fact, that choosing just one place to practice is a challenge. We help you sort through your options by highlighting the city’s little slices of yoga heaven. Get ready to stretch, sweat, and strengthen your way through a tour of local yoga studios.

  • Yoga For All Beings

    image via @yogaforallbeings | Instagram

    Just as the name implies, there’s a class for everyone at Yoga For All Beings. Situated in the heart of the Ukrainian Village, the studio takes pride in its intimate community. Though the classes are not heated, sunlight from the windows lining the exposed-brick studio provides a natural and welcomed change in temperature throughout the day. But regardless of the season, come ready to sweat.

  • Yogaview

    image via Yogaview

    Want a practice that goes beyond a sweat fest? Yogaview focuses on all elements of yoga, not just the physical. While the studio offers conventional Vinyasa classes, you’ll also find other styles of practices, such as self-guided Ashtanga classes, Bow-Spring Method classes, as well as straight-up meditative classes (which are free!). They offer a full slate of classes in Bucktown and the suburb of Wilmette, but no matter what you take, it’s always going to be about you.

  • Bottom Line Yoga

    Bottom Line Yoga Chicago
    image via @bottomlineyoga | Instagram

    It can be tough to find time for yoga while working in a busy city, but Bottom Line Yoga is all about convenience. With a studio in the Civic Opera Building and another in the Board of Trade, yogis can come to their mats before, after, or during work. With up to eleven classes offered each weekday, an extended lunch break has never been more tempting.

  • Ritual Yoga

    Ritual Hot Yoga Chicago
    image via @ritualhotyoga | Instagram

    This new, intimate space is proof that you don’t need high-impact movements to get in a good sweat sesh. This River North studio’s mantra is “breathe to the beat”, so some claim they’re the SoulCycle of yoga. And in a candle-lit, 98° room, you’ll be feeling the heat immediately.  Fitt Tip: membership comes with complimentary laundry service, and considering how much you’ll sweat, it’s a huge perk.

  • Yoga Squad

    yoga events chicago
    image via Yoga Six Chicago Facebook

    Making waves in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and the West Loop, Yoga Six’s ultra-chic studios are the kind of places you could imagine bumping elbows with celebrities (besides us, of course.) If you’re not lured in by fancy details like non-toxic, recycled studio flooring, check this place out for the huge variety of classes they offer, from bootcamp-style yoga to deep stretch.

  • The Lab

    image via @gokulacandra

    This West Loop studio is owned by Carmen Aguilar, the creator of cYoga. What is cYoga? It’s a style that very rationally moves toward several peak poses that push yogis to new levels. Oh, and boy does it ever. If you want to get into one of those never-thought-my-body-could-do-this poses, you should get to the Lab.

  • Zen Yoga Garage

    image via @chimellle

    Offering a little bit of everything, Zen is quite possibly Bucktown’s most balanced yoga studio. You’ll find bootcamps, all levels of Vinyasa, Yin yoga, yoga barre, and Buddha Yoga Burn, where you’ll do yoga with weights. True to the name, one of the practice spaces features a glass garage door that looks out at Milwaukee Ave. At the end of slightly-heated classes, instructors open this garage up just a bit to cool down the room. You’ll be sweaty and tired, and with that rush of cool air, we bet you’ll find your yoga bliss.

  • Moksha Yoga Center

    image via @mokshayogachicago

    Moksha Yoga Center’s set-ups in Bucktown, Lakeview, and River West are kind of hubs within the yoga community. In addition to offering a variety of mindful and vigorous flows, Moksha hosts a ton of events, including workshops with nationally-renowned teachers, certification programs, and travel opportunities. Plus, you’ll find bodywork sessions, like acupuncture and massages, to help you get your body right.

  • Bloom Yoga Studio

    image via Bloom Yoga Studio Facebook

    Home to some of the city’s top instructors, this family-owned studio is all about making yoga simple, unintimidating, and rewarding. And with classes in every style and level and a warm atmosphere, they certainly achieve this.

  • 105F

    image via 105F Chicago's Original Hot Yoga Facebook

    The name says it all. Chicago’s original Bikram yoga studio is hot. Like, 105° hot. But when it comes to going through that Bikram flow until you think fainting is a real possibility, this studio in Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, and South Loop is the place to do it. Of course, that’s when you chill in child’s pose.

  • CorePower Yoga

    CorePower Yoga
    image via CorePower Yoga

    CorePower is the largest privately-owned chain of yoga studios in the country, but they’re not everywhere. Which is why we Chicagoans feel so lucky to have over 14 studios throughout just our city alone. With so many locations and super-convenient schedules that offer a variety of classes throughout the entire day, we have no excuse to not take advantage of some of the best yoga classes out there. And bring a yoga towel, otherwise, your mat will turn into a slip n’ slide by the end of class.

  • Studio Three

    Yoga Studios in Chicago
    image via Studio Three Yoga | Facebook

    Studio Three might also be known for its intense HIIT and cycle classes, but don’t let that distract you from just how great their yoga studio is, too. With a variety of heated and non-heated classes, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at their River North spot. From relaxing Flow to Hi-Def with weights and cardio, and everything in between, Studio Three has it all.

  • Yoga Loft

    image via Yoga Loft Facebook

    Yoga Loft is inviting you up for their signature power yoga, but you’ll have to check your stress at the door. It doesn’t exist here. Their River North loft space is the ultimate place to become a yogi — non-judgemental, non-competitive, and they’re definitely not, as they put it, “yoga snobs”. Swing by for any of their energy-packed classes, like Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior, Power Flow Vinyasa, and Busy People Class (they understand us).

  • The Yoga Shop

    image via The Yoga Shop Chicago Facebook

    At The Yoga Shop, they don’t sell yoga. Instead, they believe in gifting happiness and body-changing challenges. This joy-filled community fixture in Old Irving Park makes yoga possible for all of us. Whether it’s decompressing in a tranquil Candlelight Yoga class or getting the body right with Power Vinyasa before the sun rises, The Yoga Shop crew will hook you up.

  • Ahimsa Yoga Studio

    image via Ahimsa Yoga Studio Facebook

    Ahimsa isn’t an everyday word. Though, it’s something we could get down with every day. Meaning “non-harming”—interpreted as “peace”—Ahimsa Yoga Studio in Oak Park (and Berwyn!) will show you what it means to crush workweek stress. Try your hand at a Hatha, Vinyasa, or Anusara session and wave ‘goodbye’ to that thing that had you grinding your teeth.

  • Om on the Range

    Chicago Yoga
    image via Om on the Range | Facebook

    Okay, that’s funny. But Om on the Range could have still used the word “home” and we’d roll with it. When you walk into their North Center/Lakeview warehouse-turned-yoga hub, it’ll feel like you just walked into your own apartment. And their welcoming community is just as warm as their Baptiste Power Yoga-style flows.

  • TULA

    yoga events chicago
    image via TULA Chicago - Yelp

    TULA in Logan Square isn’t putting on a show. They claim to be real people with real problems (really) — they never try to take themselves too seriously. But one thing they do take seriously is connecting to yoga — no matter if that’s in their Vinyasa, Hatha, or Candlelight Yin class. That means turning off your brain (and your phone), and forging a mind-body practice. Chill out, breathe, and melt those worries away.

  • Bare Feet Power Yoga

    image via Bare Feet Power Yoga Facebook

    If fun is a must for your yoga practice, go play at Bare Feet Power Yoga. Their West Loop hot spot (hot like 90°) has built a yoga community of fun-loving, powerful yogis. How? It’s their classes. Yeah, they have Power Vinyasa. But classes like Turn It Up Dog — “a dance party on your mat”, the opposite and relaxing Slow It Down Dog, and the perfect partner workout of AcroYoga make yoga so freakin’ fun.

  • Be Yoga Andersonville

    image via Be Yoga Andersonville Facebook

    Chicago can get pretty cold. But Be Yoga Andersonville in Northside is always hot. Their Bikram practice stresses the traditional 26 postures and two breathing exercises in their simple, heated studio. Drop in to one of their 90-minute classes to work yourself inside and out… and sweat (emphasis on sweat).

  • Yoga Now Chicago

    image via Yoga Now Chicago

    Boy, does Yoga Now love yoga… and its community… and the Earth. Let’s start with their Near North eco-friendly studio, though. Earthen clay plasters the walls, behind them is recycled blue jeans for insulation, and underneath you is a renewable bamboo floor. It’s all in the name of providing a peaceful environment for your budding yoga lifestyle. Roll out a mat for any of their 59 classes per week, or get your body in full relaxation mode by scheduling a massage.

  • StudiosFUSE

    Hang 5 Fitness Chicago
    image via @hang5fitness1 | Instagram

    Lincoln Park’s StudiosFUSE is one of our favorite fitness hubs to hit Chicago because they’re home to four different fitness studios. Luckily for us, two of them offer a variety of yoga classes. YogaSpace offers a selection of classes that incorporate different athletic styles and themes into traditional yoga flows, including stationary bikes, free weights, and glow in the dark face paint. Classes at Hang5 Fitness challenge your balance with surfboards that make you feel like you’re flowing on top of the ocean. No matter which you choose, you’re in for a killer workout.


    image via @yoggic.chicago | Instagram

    This new studio in Lincoln Park is all about making yoga accessible to everyone. So it’s no surprise that it’s so easy to feel welcome rather than intimidated here. Their schedule consists of Vinyasa classes that range from traditional and advanced Journey into Power, Powerful Flow, Powerful Beats, and Power Detox. Plus, all are heated and most are open to all levels.

  • Sat Nam Yoga

    Sat Nam Yoga Chicago
    image via @gianarjan | Instagram

    With eight different styles of yoga offered at this West Loop studio, yogis are encouraged to find the power of their true selves on the mat, rather than just a workout. Kundalini, Yin with Reiki, Vinyasa, and Qui Gong are just a few of the classes offered that will transform what you may or may not already know about yoga. This one-of-a-kind studio also offers workshops, holistic services, and community events, so say hello to your new yoga community.

  • Chill Chicago

    Chill Meditation
    image via @pdigitl | Instagram

    If getting to your mat is important to you, but slowing down as much as possible once you get there is, too, then you need to get to Chill in River North. In addition to many classes solely dedicated to meditation, the schedule also offers a yoga and meditation class which incorporates equal parts of both. And if you really want to treat yourself, request a seated massage by one of Chill’s professionals once class is over, and thank yourself later.


    **Updated by Jill DiNucci, August 2018