Clear Your Mind at Chill, River North’s New Meditation Studio

Clear Your Mind at Chill, River North’s New Meditation Studio

The last thing any of us wants to hear when we’re stressed out is to “chill.” But thanks to Chicago’s new meditation and massage boutique in River North called (yep, you guessed it) Chill, being told to do so is something you’ll want to hear more often.

  • Alright, just chill

    chill chicago
    Image via @chill_out_chi

    Sure, you can chill anywhere, but this place isn’t just anywhere. Instead, it’s your own, personal getaway from the busy streets of Chi-town, even though it’s conveniently located on one (at the Kinzie and Wells intersection).

    Chill is all about disconnecting, which is something we all need from time to time—yes, even you. But don’t worry — unless you’re in the middle of meditation, the staff is totally Zen about snapping pictures to turn up your Instagram game. This place is a ‘grammer’s dream.

  • Feel the brain science

    Chill chicago
    Image via @chill_out_chi

    If you’ve never meditated before, fear not. Chill regularly offers four different kinds of meditation: Breath, Insight, Rest, and Yoga. All take on a modern approach and are highly rooted in the scientific process of psychology (some of the meditation leaders are psychologists) and Buddhism.

    All classes are 30 minutes except for yoga, which is a full hour. Oh, and if you’d like to meditate on your own, there’s a room for private sessions, too. Both rooms are dimly lit, and candles help the space immediately feel like your own. Before meditation begins, you even get to choose from three different kinds of pillows when comfortably positioning yourself on your floor cushion.

    Still on the fence about the whole meditation thing? How about a super-Chill massage? Choose from a 20-, 30-, or 50-minute chair massage and release the stress that always tends to creep up at the worst times (like during Bears season).

  • Fountains, chair swings, and ALL the relaxing things

    Image via @chill_out_chi

    For whatever reason brings you to Chill, its staff encourages you to stay for as long as you’d like before or after your session(s) is over (or at least until closing time). And you won’t need much convincing. In between the massage stations and two meditation rooms is a lounge area complete with daybeds and a tranquil fountain that makes you forget you’re in the middle of a giant city with cabs that have horns (and are used often).

    You might also want to lounge on the large couches in the front lobby, or hang out on one of the chair swings. And we’re warning you now: peace of mind might not be the only thing you leave with. If you’re into local art, candles, and other one-of-a kind things, Chill’s retail space will not disappoint.

    Walk-ins are welcome, but you can also sign up online to ensure a spot in class or make an appointment with a masseuse. But whatever you do, we highly encourage you to Chill out already, Chicago.