Pilates + Coffee in Roscoe Village is All About Caffeine And Community

Pilates + Coffee in Roscoe Village is All About Caffeine And Community

What are two things important to everyday life that make your body work and that you can never get enough of? The answer: Stretching and coffee. It’s a fact, and at least someone understands that in this town. Pilates + Coffee is all about community — and they’re coming to Chicago.

Sweat and strengthen

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Yep, Roscoe Village just got a little cozier. The Pilates + Coffee space on Roscoe Street is a safe haven encouraging strength through fitness and relaxation with coffee breaks.

The first half of the equation, Pilates, gets those endorphins (and abs) firing. But maybe you’re not a fan of giant classes full of sweaty strangers? They get that. Group Reformer classes at Pilates + Coffee max out at 6 students. Think more attention, more intimacy, and less stranger sweat.

Encourage five friends to join you or go it alone to meet five new people. And really, the community vibe is real; you’ll feel it. Check any bad moods at the door and be open to new people and new conversations.

Relax and caffeinate

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Take a class and then kick back to chat with your newfound friends over some coffee. That’s the whole point of this new cozy spot. You don’t have to rush back to your crazy day-to-day. Take some time to really relax and settle in with a warm cup of rich Ipsento Coffee.

If you are in a real hurry though, you can take coffee to go. You won’t be judged, but try to hang out after the next class. The menu hasn’t been released yet, but the cafe is expected to be open for business sometime this winter. Stay tuned and we will be there as soon as we can to get a glimpse!

Into it?

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We thought you might be. What better way to check out a new spot than an event co-sponsored by lululemon Chicago?

Pilates + Coffee is coming to Southport to debut their class style on October 28th. Visit lululemon Athletica to meet the brains behind the soon-to-be hottest spot in Roscoe Village. They’re proud to be friends with local Chicago businesses… and we know this won’t be the only Pilates + Coffee date.