13 Chicago Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

13 Chicago Cycling Studios to Try For Your Next Workout

As bike-friendly as Chicago can be, weather happens. Luckily for us, we seem to have just as many cycling studios as we do rainy or snowy days. Okay, maybe not that many, but definitely enough to choose from when you’re looking to sweat it out on a bike without any outside (literally) distractions.

Regardless of weather, if you’re new to the saddle, a competitor, or just looking for a fun new way to switch things up, Chicago has your back. So grab some water and change up your routine at these nine adrenaline-pumping, endorphin-inducing, club-like cycling studios throughout Chicago.

  • SoulCycle

    Soulcycle in Chicago
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    Ever been to a dance party? What about one with bikes? Channel your inner rock star and check out SoulCycle in the Loop, Old Town, Lakeview, or North Shore and you’ll get both. SoulCycle offers three different classes (45, 60, and the occasional 90 minutes), and all of them focus on riding to the beat of the music and the rhythm of each other. Expect high energy, a lot of high-fives, and becoming best friends with the person next to you.

  • Flywheel Sports

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    If you’re one of those people who can’t get enough competition, you’re going to love seeing your name on the leaderboard during a Flywheel class. Opening their doors in River North and Old Town, Flywheel is a no-frills, all-sweat kind of studio that encourages healthy competition against yourself, as well as others in the class. Though, if racing gives you anxiety, you can get your impressive stats on the DL —  your ride will show up on Flywheel’s convenient mobile app after your workout ends. Numbers don’t lie, and neither do we when we say Flywheel is the perfect way for competitors to turn it up and tap it back.

  • Studio Three

    image via Studio Three Facebook

    Filled with enthusiastic athletes ready to start sweating as soon as class starts, Studio Three is redefining fitness in River North, and as of winter 2018, Lincoln Park. Their cycling classes use neon LED up-lighting and small screens connected to the front of each bike so you can personally keep track of your speed, resistance, and class rank. And just as its name implies, Studio Three also offers heated yoga and interval classes (think cardio, weights, and lots of sweat). On your way out, reward yourself for surviving a kick-ass workout with a fresh juice or acai bowl in Studio Three’s juice bar, GRAZE. You’ll deserve it.

  • Full Psycle

    Chicago Cycling
    image via Tae Y. | Yelp

    No matter what time of day it is, Lincoln Park’s Full Psycle studio has disco balls, strobe lights, and bright, statistic-filled screens that will give you the fitspo you need. Because each instructor makes it a point to learn your name as soon as you walk in the door, each experience feels more personalized than the last. They also match you against others during intervals throughout class, so your heart won’t be the only thing racing to the finish line. And honestly, the cold, eucalyptus towels handed out during the final few minutes of class make the stretch particularly worth sticking around for.

  • CycleBar

    Cycling in Chicago
    image via cyclebar | Facebook

    Of all the eclectic bars to pick from in the West Loop, this cycling studio is definitely a favorite. No other DJ does it like the ones at CycleBar (who are also teachers, and also the ones kicking our butts). Check out their website for their super-flexible schedule, and be prepared to pedal your way to the next level in their Fulton Market, Evanston, or any of the suburban studios.

  • Equinox

    Chicago Studios
    image via Equinox | Facebook

    Cycling isn’t one class fits all, and Equinox (with four Chicago locations) makes sure to cater to every type of client with no less than 10 different classes on its current roster. There’s studio cycling for the classic trainee looking to get in maximum cardio, or you can try out The Pursuit: Build, a class for those who like to work up to their maximum potential with three intense hill stages. You can push it to the max with the inspiring, high-energy CYCLESANITY, or get lost in a musical journey of strength endurance as you power through 45 minutes of the gym’s newest offering Anthem! Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure for cycling.

  • Cycle Therapy

    Cycle Therapy in Chicago
    image via Cycle Therapy Facebook

    No weights or stats required for this ride, just pure intensity powered by the hottest choreography, contagious hustle, and bursting encouragement from everyone else in the jam-packed room. Hyde Park’s Cycle Therapy isn’t just a studio; it’s a movement committed to inspiring life goals, not just fitness ones. And even though you’re sure to be exhausted by the end of the ride, you’ll somehow manage to have more energy than you started with. Never before has therapy been this much fun.

  • Urban Athlete

    Urban Athlete in Chicago
    image via Michelle Ryan

    Twist, turn, climb, and sprint your way through class on Urban Athlete’s RealRyder bikes. At this artsy (think local art against exposed brick, right beside you as you ride) Lincoln Square studio, you can choose from four different spin classes: Urban Ride (45 minutes of straight pedal-to-the-metal cycling), Ripped Ride (half cycling, half weightlifting), Evolution (half cycling, half TRX), and Revolution (half bike, half core). After you speed past the finish line, there’s opportunity to challenge yourself to other cardio, interval, or yoga classes offered in the gym portion of the studio—or just sit back and relax in the steam room.

  • Push Indoor Cycling

    image via Push Indoor Cycling

    If bright lights and big crowds aren’t your thing, you’ll fit right in at this intimate studio only five minutes from Midway International Airport. With only twelve bikes inside of Push Indoor Cycling’s newly-renovated cycling studio, it’s easy to get close with the studio’s regulars who are determined to get stronger with each and every ride. In addition to two different 45-minute spin classes (one includes weights), Push also offers three 60-minute classes that focus specifically on toning, strengthening, and core. Regardless of your fitness level, there’s a bike ready for you at Push.

  • Cycle X Studio

    Cycling Studios
    image via Cycle X Studio | Facebook

    This West Loop studio is just as intense as it is intimate. With 30 bikes total, the classes are high-energy and the amenities make the hard work worth it. Cycle X prides itself on being a studio with exceptional service, so there’s no need to feel intimidated while you’re there. And if you’re looking for a strength training-based workout to compliment your ride, the studio offers virtual TRX sessions — and they’re free. Oh, and if you’re in a rush, Cycle X even offers an “Xpress” class that’s only 30 minutes.

  • Spynergy

    Cycling Studios
    image via @wpbssa33 | Instagram

    Cycling studios are on the rise in Wicker Park, but this one aims to create a family-vibe within its exposed brick walls and skylit space. So, if you’re looking for a friendly spot in one of Chi-town’s hippest neighborhoods, head down the alley (it’s actually tucked away down an alleyway off of West Division) to one of the only cycling studios in Chicago with natural light. Newbies get three rides for $40 (in addition to the first ride being only $15), which makes us love this studio even more.


    Cycling Studios
    image via Cycmode Indoor Cycling | Facebook

    Thanks to CYCMODE in the South Loop, you can get both a high-intensity workout and a very fine view. The one-of-a-kind studio offers two different cycling classes — both of which include a floor-to-ceiling screen displaying music videos and virtual scenery depending on the ride. And if you’re still not convinced, did we mention that the studio has RealRyder bikes? These are the types of bikes that tilt side to side, not only helping with core strength and balance but your overall experience as the hardcore cyclist you’re destined to become.

  • SALT Fitness

    Cycling Studios
    image via SALT Fitness Chicago | Facebook

    Everyone knows a little salt is good for you, but in the fitness world, we can’t get enough thanks to SALT in Bucktown, Kenilworth, and up in Northbrook. This barre/cycle/fitness studio offers two different cycling classes — one that’s a 45-minute fast-paced, heart-pumping cardio push, and another that combines 30 minutes of cycling with 30 minutes of barre. SALT is all about combining workouts, so you’ll never get bored and will always be challenged.


    **Updated by Jill DiNucci, November 2018