12 Insta-Worthy Toast Spots To Try in Chicago

12 Insta-Worthy Toast Spots To Try in Chicago

Toast used to be just the end-product of bread in a toaster. But now it’s so much more. Crunchy carbohydrate goodness made a comeback with avocado toast, and Chicago is saying “all aboard the toast train”

You can now get delicious, artisan toast topped with unique, healthy, and often local ingredients all across the city for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or breakfast, lunch, and dinner). And with these 12 options, who could blame you.

  • Farmer’s Fridge

    Tucked against the back wall of the new Revival Food Hall in the Loop, Farmer’s Fridge is delivering toast jam-packed with flavor for vegans and carnivores alike. Really, ordering a toast here will brighten up even the worst day of work. If you’re a true Chicagoan, opt for the Chicago-style Avocado Toast: a slice of toast topped with avocado and big hunks and shavings of the best giardiniera-style veggies (seriously though, we have dreams about it). Want a bit more protein? Go with the lox or roast beef toasts. Plus, you have the option to pair each toast with a yummy side, like Phoenix Bean Five-Spice Tofu or curried butternut squash soup.

  • Left Coast

    Keeping on the topic of West Coast vibes, Left Coast offers up not just one, but two kinds of avo toast. Try the vegan Hermosa toast (toasted semolina bread, avocado, mojo rojo, red onion, basil) or the vegetarian Laguna (toasted whole grain bread, avocado, orange slices, sunflower seeds, ricotta salata, sunflower sprouts, orange vinaigrette, zaatar spice). Pair it with a cold-pressed juice or smoothie for the perfect post-workout breakfast or lunch any day of the week.

  • Summer House Santa Monica

    SHSM, conveniently located near Pure Barre and lululemon, is known for its rendition of the OG: avo toast. Their style features chunky avocado toast topped with scallion mascarpone and two poached eggs. Stop by their sunny, airy space after a barre class or shopping trip so you can pretend it’s summer in Chicago all year long.

  • 3 Arts Club Cafe

    Good things are worth waiting for, right? Despite the inevitable two+ hour wait (more time to read the menu), 3 Arts Club Cafe has ah-mazing Texas Toast that you can eat with eggs, smoked salmon, or jam, for those purists out there. It all goes down in the beautiful Restoration Hardware in the Gold Coast. Fitt Tip: Don’t want to wait? You can order your food to-go and take it anywhere in the store. Yep, you read that right.

  • The allis

    If Summer House and 3 Arts had a baby, it would be The Allis, slinging toast inside the West Loop’s exclusive Soho House. Unlike Soho House, which is only open to members, the impeccably designed The Allis is open to the public. In addition to their avocado toast (big, delicious chunks of avocado, a soft egg, basil, lemon, and chili on multigrain), they offer toast with almost every breakfast option, all of which is served on beautifully-patterned servingware.

  • Cafe Vienna

    Do you like options? Then Cafe Vienna is the place for you. With 10 kinds of bread made in-house, there’s something for everyone, like pretzel, poppyseed, and buttercrust (made with butter, unsurprisingly). Eat it as a side or pick up a whole loaf so that you can enjoy toast all week along…or on the day of your long run – we aren’t judging.

  • Beatrix

    Nestled perfectly at the intersection of convenient and cute, the Beatrixes in River North and Streeterville are serving up perfectly sweet and tart raspberry ricotta toast. It’s basically a mouth explosion. Grab a slice as the perfect finale to a healthy brunch or when your sweet tooth is beckoning.

  • Baker Miller

    With a name like Baker Miller, you can pretty much bet the toast here is going to be on-point. For the true toast-lover, head to their Lincoln Square shop and grab the toast plate, which features three glorious pieces of toast and house-made seasonal butter and jam. Or opt for their totally unique avocado toast, made with avocado (duh), pickled jicama (a.k.a. Mexican turnip), strawberries, honey, and cilantro (not so duh). Thank us later.

  • Café Integral

    If you prefer to eat your toast in a hip space, Café Integral in the Freehand Hotel is the ultimate go-to. Enjoy an artfully-done avocado toast topped with shaved radishes, pickled shallots, and sunflower sprouts while reclining on Bohemian-style couches and sipping fine coffee.

  • Mott St

    For those days you want a lot of toast, Wicker Park’s Mott St delivers with their brick toasts, i.e., thick slices of brioche. Start with savory avocado brick toast with feta, grilled asparagus, sundried tomato, and pickled shallots, and finish up with ricotta brick toast made with house-made ricotta, cherry preserves, basil, and mint. If we could build a house with these brick toasts and live in it, we would.

  • Publican Quality Meats

    If you’ve only been getting meat from Publican Quality Meats, then you’ve been majorly missing out. The savory ricotta toast on their breakfast and weekend menu – made with roasted delicata squash, harissa, crispy shallot and scrambled egg on sesame semolina toast – is de-licious. Brb…we gotta go buy a round for the Fitt team.

  • The Kitchen

    If you like your toast with a side of social consciousness, The Kitchen—which donates a percentage of sales to support the building of learning gardens in local schools—features awesome bruschetta. Try the smoked salmon bruschetta on their brunch menu or pop by after work for the roasted pear and ricotta bruschetta during happy hour. Don’t think bruschetta qualifies as toast? Fine. What about their Crispy Brussel Sprout Tartine and Prosciutto Crostini during dinner?