Head to TŌMI For Delicious, Robot-Made Sushi in Revival Food Hall

Head to TŌMI For Delicious, Robot-Made Sushi in Revival Food Hall

There’s no shortage of great chefs in the Windy City. From Top Chef’s Stephanie Izard and MasterChef’s Graham Elliot to Grant Achatz, who nabbed three Michelin stars for Alinea in 2012, the talent here is truly boundless.

However, Chicago’s A-list restaurateurs are about to get some superhuman competition in the form of some brand new, shiny kitchen whizzes: Suzumo robots.

Getting Sush Done

No, you haven’t traveled to the future: TŌMI, which opened in The Loop’s Revival Food Hall in September, is employing the use of these electronic helpers to crank out its delicious, health-conscious sushi offerings.

While Arami’s Pamela Decker helms the culinary ship here, the seasoned gourmand keeps it running with the aid of technologically-advanced Suzumo robots, the likes of which can whip out rolls with the best of them, albeit at record speeds.

In fact, one machine can churn out 400 maki rolls or 4,800 nigiri in just 60 minutes. Wowza!

A Roll Above

In addition to making pretty rainbow maki rolls of butterfly pea flower blue, panda leaf green, and saffron yellow, the bots will also be hard at work on baked (yes, baked!) shrimp tempura and alternating seasonal favorites, all of which will come wrapped in festive Sweet Art edible paper.

It’s what’s inside these rolls, however, that’s really intriguing. TŌMI goes far beyond your run-of-the-mill sushi thanks to its plant-based dyes, gluten-free sauces, and copious veggie fillings.

In short? It’s your favorite Asian cuisine, only better for you — what more could you ask for?

Oh, yeah — alternate vegetarian and vegan menu options like edamame hummus, Japanese fruit salad and braised portobello mushrooms in house-made soy sauce, all of which are also available at the restaurant.

There’s no word on whether the robots assist with those dishes, but if they’re capable of making delicious, perfectly proportioned pieces of sushi, we wouldn’t put it past them! So, come for the healthy experience, stay for the 4,800 pieces of nigiri.