2nd & High’s New Menu Offers Deliciously Healthy Hawaiian Poke Bowls

2nd & High’s New Menu Offers Deliciously Healthy Hawaiian Poke Bowls

2nd & High has spent a year downtown on East 2nd whipping up crafty cocktails and classic bar food to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Perfect for a casual drink after work or munching on some Buffalo wings before the Cavs game, this social bar has you covered in a prime location. But all good things must come to an end… It’s just rare that the situations turns around to bring even more good things.

That’s right — 2nd & High is rebranding and creating an entirely new menu that is completely gluten- and dairy-free, all centered around Hawaiian poke bowls.

  • What the fish is a poke bowl?

    Cleveland Poke

    You’re not alone, friends. Originating from Hawaii, poke bowls are based around raw fish — think sushi rolls but unraveled in a bowl. But 2nd & High is stepping up to the plate by letting customers choose one of their signature bowls, or allowing you to customize your own! Oh, and get this — all bowls, as mentioned, are gluten-free and dairy-free along with being locally sourced whenever possible.

    The process here is straightforward. Start by picking your base (white or brown rice, spring mix, nachos(!), or keep it simple with no base and more fish). You’ll then choose from a variety of sauces — shoyu, shiso, sesame vinaigrette, jalapeño goddess, or you can skip the sauce altogether. Top it all off with some yummy fillings (cucumbers, seaweed, avocado, and a whole lot more). And, finally, add a little crunch to your bowl to make it perfectly yours. Nori, tortilla chips, wasabi peas — you name it.

  • Get ready — they’re waiting for you

    Poke in Cleveland

    You won’t have to wait long for 2nd & High’s new menu; it’s making its debut beginning February 10th. That means you should round up your vegetarian, vegan, pescaterian, paleo (and whatever else there is) friends, to be among the first to sample the new menu and get in on this organic and sustainable grub.

    Stop by in February, see all the good things 2nd & High are whipping up, and even grab a beautifully-made cocktail while you’re waiting.

    Fitt tip: Take a picture of your wholesome eats, tag @2ndandhigh with the hashtag #2HighCLE, show your waiter, and get a free smoothie!