Think You Can Dance? Here’s Your Chance to Become a ((305)) Fitness Instructor

  • Meredith Rigsby
  • fitt
Think You Can Dance? Here’s Your Chance to Become a ((305)) Fitness Instructor

Say hello to the next big thing in boutique fitness, ((305)) Fitness. This cardio-heavy, dance-based workout concept has already taken over NYC, DC, Boston, and LA, but that’s just the beginning.

Now, on top of bringing bangin’ workouts to Cleveland, ((305)) Fitness is building an army of expert instructors as they prepare to dance their way to world domination. Here’s everything you need to know:

Make Sweat Sexy

305 Fitness
image via ((305)) Fitness

((305)) Fitness is taking everything you thought you knew about a hardcore workout and flipping it on its head.

Instead of endless burpees, squats, and planks, you’ll be working up a sweat in a non-stop, heart-pumping dance party complete with live DJ and light show. Make no mistake, though — this is not a YMCA dance class. ((305))’s expert instructors serve up a high-intensity, full-body workout featuring sports drills, conditioning exercises, HIIT moves, and music-driven choreography.

This adrenaline-fueled party has plans to expand in cities across the US. And if you’re the type of fitness junkie who likes to follow a night out with an early morning workout, then you’ll want to get in on the ground level and become part of the squad who’s changing the game.

Be The Beyoncé

305 fitness
image via ((305)) Fitness

Say more of your life is spent singing and dancing than not; you channel your inner Beyoncé at every chance you get. ((305)) Fitness understands and is literally shining the spotlight your way.

It’s time to take your talents from your studio apartment to the fitness studio by becoming a certified ((305)) Fitness instructor. Here’s your opportunity to lead a high-energy group of people in your hometown who love fitness and dancing as much as you do.

Consider the weekend of February 23–24 as your audition. They’re inviting you to their studios in NYC and DC to show you the ropes on their revolutionary fitness class, certifying you in their proprietary training method as well as teaching you some “intangibles”. You’ll learn to grow and promote your classes, work on assertive and effective public speaking techniques, and discover how to empower your group through music and movement.

It’s invitation only, so make sure that you sign up on their waitlist. This could be your big break.