All of The Healthiest Restaurants in Cleveland Right Now

All of The Healthiest Restaurants in Cleveland Right Now

When it comes to chowing down, Cleveland is chock full of restaurants and cafes that can fulfill any craving. While we have plenty of hangover spots to go to and artisan pizzas that look too cool to actually eat, we’re also killing it with healthy eats.

Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, or just like to eat clean, Cleveland’s got your back (or should we say stomach?).

  • Bibibop

    best restaurants in cleveland
    image via @bibibopasiangrill | Instagram

    Bibibop isn’t just fun to say — it’s downright delicious. This is one grill that is bringing well-balanced meals with an Asian flair. Pop right in and get ready to create your own Bibibop rice bowl. Pick your base out of purple or white rice, salad, noodles, or a roll. Choose some snazzy toppings like black beans, bean sprouts ,or potatoes. Of course pack it with some clean proteins. And then top it off with some raw toppings like cucumber, carrots, kale, and more!

  • Choolaah

    image via @thenaturalmystic | Instagram

    This is NOT your grandma’s Indian restaurant. Choolaah, a fast casual Indian BBQ spot in Beachwood is bringing a modern twist to classic Indian meals with customizable tandoor BBQ bowls, salads, wraps, and snacks that feature tangy masalas and fresh-baked Naan (um, yum!). And don’t worry if your vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, or gluten-free — they’ve got plenty of options for you, too. Hello, veggie croquettes. Bonus: their open kitchen concept lets you watch your meal being made in their custom tandoor ovens. Get ready to eat happy.

  • Boaz Cafe

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    image via @boazcafe | Instagram

    We all like Mediterranean food, right? Hummus, lentils, shawarma, what’s not to like? Well, at Boaz Cafe on Lorain Avenue, they’re making it a lot easier for us to get the Mediterranean food we want, and want NOW. This cafeteria-style hot spot gives you the chance to make your own bowl. You choose a base (greens, lentils, rice), you pick a protein (beef shawarma or grilled chicken), you dress it up with some grains, veggies, and fruits, then, lastly, you select a dressing. It’s easy, it’s healthy, and there’s zero artificial preservatives like some of your other quick-serves.

  • Helio Terra Vegan Cafe

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    image via @helioterravegancafe | Instagram

    Smoothies, wraps, salads, soups, desserts — it’s all delicious and all vegan. Helio Terra on Prospect Avenue has some of the best organic and vegan meals in The Land. There’s Roasted Vegetable Flatbreads, classic avocado toasts, Black Bean Burgers — pretty much everything you could ever ask for. And do you wanna know what’s better than their clean menu? They deliver. So stay where you are and hop on GrubHub to have these vegan goods delivered to your door.

  • Tommy’s Restaurant

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    image via @vegan_panda | Instagram

    Tommy’s Restaurant is kind of Cleveland’s hidden gem. After opening in the ’70s and switching to a few different locations to appease the hoards of customers, Tommy’s now calls Coventry home. More importantly, no matter what your dietary restrictions are—whether you love meat or adore vegetables—Tommy’s is all about choices. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to have your mind blown by the amount of healthy eats on their menu.

  • Daily Press

    image via @dailypressjuicecle | Instagram

    Offering clean, organic, and local fare is what Daily Press promises Cleveland. And while  they’re mainly known for their juice bar, Daily Press also has a vegan cafe that’s perfect for a quick snack during your juice (or coffee) break. Grab some toasts or paninis on gluten-free bread, drink some smoothies made from homemade cashew milk, or turn any smoothie into a bowl, then hit the road.

  • pHuel Cafe

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    image via Innova Living | Facebook

    Plant-based cafes give us life. Over on Euclid (and now Chester Avenue), you can find pHuel Cafe and their veggie-heavy array of wholesome meals. And they’re way more than just bowls, soups, and sandwiches. They’re also trying to educate the area on how to fuel your life through clean eats — so besides chowing on seaweed salads and BBQ tofu, you can also join their cooking demonstrations and learn how to bring wholesome eating to your life at home.

  • REBoL

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    image via @wearerebol | Instagram

    Let’s call REBoL TownHall’s little brother. Besides having the same owner, REBol also serves a menu free from GMOs and offers the highest standards of ingredients only. What separates REBoL from the others is their menu consists of signature and DIY bowls that are too good to pass up. From “bols” like their Tuna Poke (kale & cabbage salad, avocado pico, miso cabbage, apricot ginger, and sesame) to their Paleo smoothies, REBoL is the perfect spot for a healthy meal on the run.

  • Green Rooster Farms

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    image via Green Rooster Farm | Facebook

    Clevelanders have all heard of the Driftwood Group, but have you heard about their Green Rooster Farms cafe? This quick-serve restaurant makes sure their ingredients are local and  organic whenever possible. So if you’re in the mood for something speedy and healthy, Green Rooster Farms is where it’s at… especially when you’re craving grain bowls, wraps, and farm-to-table breakfast sandwiches.

  • Zoma

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    image via @zomacleveland | Cleveland

    Small portions, shareables, and all made to eat with your hands, Zoma is Cleveland’s go-to Ethiopian restaurant. Oh, you’ve never had authentic Ethiopian food before? Well get used to it because Lee Road’s Zoma’s vegan and vegetarian items are making people talk. From vegetable filled stews to vegan side platters made to share, Zoma is about to spice up your palate (in a good way).

  • Salad Kraze

    image via @inthe216 | Instagram

    Avon Lake’s Salad Kraze is krazy about salads… and wraps… and subs… and soups. They’re pretty much crazy about serving the West Side fresh and clean foods throughout the day. What’s better? They’ll even deliver straight to your home or office if you’re craving their signature vegan and hummus wraps, or have it your way with a B-Y-O (build your own).

  • Restore Cold Press

    best acai bowl in cleveland
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    Restore Cold Press is obviously known on Huron for having some of the most refreshing and rejuvenating juices, smoothies, and cleanses in Cleveland. But did you know this high-quality, organic juicery also has snacks, too? (Healthy snacks, might we add.) Besides having superfood smoothies and cold pressed juices, you can also make smoothies into acai bowls as well. Or, if you want something a little more solid, you can grab some steel-cut oats, avocado toasts, or almond butter breads.

  • Cafe 56

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    image via Mike L. | Yelp

    If you like fresh and healthy salads, noodles, and wraps, Cafe 56 should be your go-to. With cafes (and catering kitchens) in Lakewood, Beachwood, Mayfield Heights, and Highland Mills, there’s practically a Cafe 56 wherever you turn. And trust us — if you’re a salad connoisseur, this is the place to be. And with over 30 variations of salads, you’re never gonna get bored eating here.

  • Cleveland Vegan Cafe

    best vegan restaurants in cleveland
    image via @clevelandvegancateringandcafe | Instagram

    Most Clevelanders know that the Cleveland Vegan caters, but did you know that you can dine in house, too? Well, now you do. With an ever changing seasonal menu, Cleveland Vegan switches it up all the time to keep diners guessing. All food is made sans animal products, and uses locally grown and organic ingredients whenever possible. If anyone has ever said vegan food was “bland” or “dull,” Cleveland Vegan will change your mind with their Class Mac n’ Cheez Bake and Red Curry Noodles.

  • Water Garden Cafe

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    image via Water Garden Cafe | Facebook

    Lorain Avenue’s Water Garden Cafe is your local eatery that only whips up organic and healthy consumables. And if you’re a vegan or vegetarian and looking for a new spot with a unique menu, you gotta check out Water Garden. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this cafe has the likes of Vegan Breakfast Tacos, Vegan Chicken and Waffles, Roast Beet Burgers, and even an Avocado Chocolate Mousse Trifle for dessert!

  • Beet Jar

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    image via @beetjar | Instagram

    Like other juiceries on this list, Hingetown’s Beet Jar is plant-based takeaway spot that has everything your body could ever want. From organic cold-pressed juices to morning shots (not those kind of shots) to Raw Chia Pudding, Beet Jar is the perfect spot for a quick and healthy snack.

  • Barroco

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    image via Melissa Hintz Author | Facebook

    Barroco Arepa Bar is way more than just a cozy eatery, it’s a concert cafe where you can go get some grub, listen to some live music, and not feel crappy about what you’re eating on your night out on the town. With two locations (Birdtown and Larchmere), stop in to explore their menu; it’s 80% gluten-free! Also, if there’s any menu item that has a carrot symbol next to it, Barroco can make a veggie version of it. High-five, vegetarians!

  • Cafe Avalaun

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    image via @cafeavalaun | Instagram

    Cafe Avalaun is a safe haven for all those who dread gluten. This Warrensville Heights cafe is 100% certified gluten-free and is just waiting for you to try their crepes, paninis, salads, soups — you name it. To make it easier for every kind of eater, each item is labeled vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, nut-free — you get the picture. So, if gluten is your enemy, Cafe Avalaun needs to be on your to-eat list.

  • The Root Cafe

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    image via @kendalljking | Instagram

    The Root Cafe does more than serve up tasty coffees and teas (with homemade flavors and milks). They are also a vegetarian kitchen. And they have way more than just hipster toasts. There’s veggie-based pizzas and calzones, and brunch specials that will blow your top off (not literally, of course). Sauces and spreads are all made from scratch, and all fruits and vegetables are organic. As you’ll soon see, the Root is the quintessential cozy cafe where you can feel good about what you’re eating.

  • TownHall

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    image via @townhallohc | Instagram

    TownHall in Ohio City is the epitome of healthy eats. With a menu free from GMOs, it’s filled with snacks, meals, and drinks arranged by dietary preferences. There’s Vegan Night on Mondays, Paleo Night on Wednesdays, Paleo/gluten-free chicken fingers that are to die for, and a whole lot more. TownHall is passionate about serving clean and good-for-you meals that will make you keep coming back for more.

  • Market Eatery

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    Market Eatery’s main goal is to whip up healthy and organic meals. Whether you’re dining in or taking out from their Bedford Heights spot, Market Eatery is here to serve. Sip on some energy inducing smoothies, tryout their plant-based burgers (with some sweet potato fries, for sure), and believe it or not, they’re known for their waffles (with vegan topping options, of course), so get one. Fitt tip: stop by on Mondays to get $1 off any smoothie!

  • Zaytoon

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    image via Zaytoon Lebanese Cuisine | Faceboook

    Cleveland is filled with a variety of ethnic eateries, but none are as tasty and healthy as Zaytoon Lebanese Kitchen. This Playhouse Square restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch, and offers fresh ingredients — all made in house. Just picture starting your morning off with a vegan breakfast pita or a gluten-free quinoa lentil salad. Um — yes, please!