This is Not a Drill! Here’s Your Chance to do Yoga With Alpacas

This is Not a Drill! Here’s Your Chance to do Yoga With Alpacas

As if yoga classes weren’t popular enough in The Land, we’ve added animals to the mix. These classes featuring our furry friends have taken off, selling out left and right.

Downward dogging next to nibbly goats and snuggly kittens is definitely great for your mental health. But who says we can only do lizard pose next to house pets? Let’s throw some alpacas into the mix, shall we?

  • This is not a drill

    outdoor yoga
    image via @nikkiyogacentral | Instagram

    Doing yoga with cats, dogs, and goats almost seems like a thing in the past. The future is yoga with alpacas. (We’re serious.)

    Vintage Alpacas in Brooklyn Heights describes bending and stretching with these South American friends as a stress reliever. With their long necks and flawless eyelashes, what’s not to like? While these llama look-alikes won’t be crawling around next to you mid-flow, they will be roaming around, curiously watching your practice.

  • Alpoga

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    Teaming up with Vintage Alpacas is Chagrin Yoga’s Candace Koslen. Candace will lead the class in a 60-minute all-levels flow on May 16th outside in the green pasture, surrounded by alpaca mommies and their babies (as if that wasn’t already cute enough).

    Once yoga wraps up and you’re feeling energized from the practice and sunshine (weather permitting), head on over to the herd of alpacas and get to know them a little better! The good people at Vintage Alpacas will teach yogis how to handle, pet, and carry these lovable farm friends.

    But let’s be real, doing yoga with alpacas is a rare find — so these classes will fill up fast. Hurry up and grab your ticket, then show up with a mat, a camera, some water, and get ready for an experience you won’t forget.

    event details

    What: Alpaca Yoga Class

    Where: Vintage Alpacas | 4933 Schaaf Lane, Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131

    When: Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 | 6:30pm-8:30pm

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