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We love how fit our city is, but sometimes it's tough to choose which workout is best for you. Don’t sweat it — we have your back. Take a look at our list of studios crushin' the fitness scene so you can try the best that our city has to offer.




Cleveland seems to be filled with CrossFit boxes, and while there are a lot of great studios out there, few are quite like CTOWN. With two mega locations on the East Bank and West 220th St., members will find a tight-knit community of movers and shakers who are just trying to push their bodies. The coaches are passionate, the programs are for every kind of fitness level (55 & over, self-defense training, general fitness, etc.), and, most importantly, you’ll actually enjoy working out — chalky high-fives for everyone!

GrooveRyde is taking over Cleveland with their energetic, immersive rides inside studios in Woodmere and Van Aken. Their signature GrooveCycle class allows you to clip in for 50 minutes with an uplifting combination of endurance, cardio, and strength. And while they’re known for their epic cycling classes, they also have bootcamps, buti yoga, and boxing workouts if you want a one-stop-shop to mix up your routine.

Harness Cycle started out in Hingetown and Cleveland loved them so much, they opened a second studio downtown. Each class rides to the beat of the music and incorporates weights for a full-body workout that you'll actually enjoy. So, for anyone who thinks indoor cycling is just a lower body workout, think again. We promise you’ll feel sore in all the right places the following day.

Westlake’s Psycle is all about inspiring riders to feel and be their best. Bikes are set up in a cozy, dark studio with the instructor in front as your guide. There is no judgement and no fuss — just you, the bike, and the beat. But that’s not even the best part about Psycle; it’s their variety of classes that set them apart. From a sunrise ride or TRX training to a Psycle and Stretch, there’s never a dull workout at this boutique cycling studio.

We’ve all heard of TITLE Boxing Club by now. With studios in Westlake, Mentor, Highland Heights, Solon, Strongsville, and Ohio City, it’s hard to drive around the city without passing by one of the studios known to pack a punch. All hour-long classes are taught by trained professionals and have a ton of heavy-bag stations, free weights, and speed bags to up your cardiovascular game to the next level. Intimidated? Don’t be — these supportive classes are all about beating that bag (major stress reliever), gaining muscle, and getting that heart pumpin’.

All you need is 30 minutes for a kickass kickboxing class at 9Round in Avon, Rocky River, or Fairlawn. These kickboxing-heavy classes incorporate cardio, functional training, and circuits. But don’t be nervous around these intimidating bags — a certified trainer will wrap your hands for you and show you each exercise properly before you go to town on that bag. After nine stations, your thrilling 30-minute workout will be complete. Fitt Tip: get your first workout for free!

The TAC is a big deal in Tremont. They’re so popular that they had to expand their gym and have a second studio in University Circle! But regardless of the locale, a TAC membership includes a plethora of class (bootcamps and HIIT classes galore), personal training, and some amazing amenities that make you thankful you don’t work out anywhere else.

Orangetheory Fitness is rapidly expanding in the area, so you might as well take full advantage of their free class for newbies and see what it’s all about. In just one hour, exercisers can have it all with interval training, rowing, free weights, and a personal trainer to guide and encourage you. Each person also gets to try Orangetheory’s heart rate monitor system to ensure the prime calorie burning zone (the “orange zone”). Try a class at one of the dozen outposts around the city!

Raise your workout bar when you shop up for barre3's killer, low-impact classes at their Legacy Village and Solon spaces. No matter what fitness level you are, these barre classes are safe and effective for everyone. All you have to bring to this studio is yourself (and maybe a pair of those grippy socks) — they have everything else you’ll need to feel the burn in class.

Club Pilates is growing and expanding — not just in the US but especially in the Cleveland area. With studies in Orange, Broadview, Solon, and beyond, this California-born Pilates studio is making a name for itself in Northeast Ohio. Depending on familiarity with Pilates, members can choose their level (level one being the introductory class and level 2.5 being for fanatics) and even have their first class free.

Imbued with deep meaning to the Cleveland area, Crooked River CrossFit respects the past and looks to etch some history of their own. The Mayfield box’s main goal is to create a challenging workout space within a fun, lively atmosphere. And with their gym opening up to the outdoors, there’s plenty of room for spontaneous WODs and outdoor workouts. Note: check out their Friday Night Lights lifts, held outside with spotlights highlighting the action.

With a goal to create a warm and inviting space to get better in their practice, Harmony studios opened its doors in community-oriented downtown Willoughby. It’s a studio where yogis can come for a deep stretch in their Yin Yoga class or for a sweat-fueled workout with their Yoga HIIT Express. Either way, yogis of all levels will discover an encouraging environment where they can grow and succeed in their practice and beyond.

With four studios around The Land, Cleveland Yoga is accessible from around the city. From Little Italy to Westlake, yogis can get their power yoga on or take it down a notch with their slow flow class. But no matter the studio or the class (they offer over 100 each week!), you’re bound to have a good workout and find a deeper sense of self in each session.

One 30-minute class is all it takes to feel the effects of a workout at Rise Nation. With a number of celebrities taking part in the HIIT fitness craze, the studio quickly amassed a big following. The VersaClimber—an intense version of the StairMaster—is the star of the show. It works the entire body with zero impact so you get maximum results. But don't let the short session fool you — a session at Rise Nation will have your glutes burning for days.

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