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APR 13, 2020


What do you get when you combine the elegance of ballet with the flow of yoga and precision of Pilates? Well, besides being sore and feeling muscles ache that you didn’t even know you had, you get barre.

Barre shapes most of its workouts around the ballet barre (shocker) for balance, while performing small movements on specific muscles, not limited to your hindquarters. If your cheeks don’t hurt just thinking about it, then try one of these barre studios in CLE that will be sure to make you feel the burn.

At this point, we’ve all heard of barre3. This trailblazing studio welcomes all shapes and sizes, and reassures that barre is for all. With a focus on balance for both the body and mind, barre3’s mission is to get us stronger, more fulfilled, and more balanced. Honestly, after sitting at a desk all day, it’s gonna feel good to work on that posture. And since barre3 is a larger chain, they have locations in both Solon and Legacy Village. Both studios have lockers for your personal items, toiletries in the restrooms, towels, and purified water so that you’ll feel pampered after a sweaty workout.

At Pure Barre, the barre will either be your best friend or your worst enemy; hold on tight as your legs start to shake. But it’s not just the barre you’ll come face-to-face with — you’ll also work with free weights, medicine balls, and bands to work the body from head to toe. With studios in Pepper Pike, Avon, Rocky River, and Brecksville, there’s always a class to catch. So put on those sticky socks and come with a good attitude — Pure Barre’s got the rest covered.

If you're looking for more than just one kind of barre class, this is your spot. Barre Fly has a mix of barre, barre booty (squeeze those glutes!), aerial yoga, HIIT, and their signature Barre Fly class. Each class is a full-body workout that works on those hard-to-train areas like the dreaded hips, glutes, and abs. Prospect Ave.’s Barre Fly trains for those long, lean, and toned physiques, and all you gotta do is sign up.

In case you couldn’t tell by the name, The Movement Factory wants you to move. This industrial-styled studio is filled with exposed brick and natural light, bringing a real hipster twist to the average gym. And while this studio also has other classes like yoga, boot camp, Pilates, and Zumba, we’re here to talk about barre. You can take their BootyBarre Plus class, performed to the beat of the music, which is all about that derriere! Or try out their BootyBarre Sculpt class that’s fast paced with band work.

Yoga Roots’ specialty is their sensational yoga classes, but their barre classes deserve some love, too. Focused around the basics of ballet, these Cleveland Heights barre classes are all about the fundamentals: stretching, core, and poised conditioning. Improve your posture, lengthen your spine, and use the barre for the ultimate stretch. And as amazing as the classes are, so are the amenities. YogaRoots has you covered with towels, filtered water, and showers with heated floors (can we live here?).

Tru Barre may have started off in Akron, but now they’re in Medina to serve up quick-moving barre classes to the Cleveland area. These interval classes target each muscle at a time so you feel the burn (and so will that waistline). These hands-on and encouraging classes are all about pride and accomplishment—show up, do what you can, and feel good doing it. And just in case you’re new to barre, try out their Barre Essentials Workshop, a free hour-long class that demonstrates each move and emphasizes how to perform it effectively and safely.

In case anyone hangs out or works in the Hudson area, Yoga Lounge & Barre is the perfect studio to catch a class before you head back to CLE. Their mission is to offer fun classes where people can feel empowered and grow their practice. Their Power Barre classes are high-energy and fast-paced, boosting your endurance for your daily grind. And just to up the ante, each class is heated to 85 degrees so that you’ll be sweating bullets while perfecting your deep pliés.


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