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Layne Gibbons

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Here in Cleveland, we don’t get a ton of attention during ski season (seems right for a city that has The Flats).

True, we don’t have the Rockies, but you don’t need to travel out of state if you’re looking to hit the slopes

You might be surprised to know that Cleveland has a handful of ski slopes and resorts that can get the job done just as well as some of those big time resorts. So, pack up the car (for a quick day trip), put on your best ski pants, and get ready to carve up these ski spots near Cleveland.

Mad River Mountain feels like it’s a ways away from Cleveland (in Zanesfield), but if you’re on the hunt for some fun in the snow, this place is totally worth the two-and-a-half hour car drive. Compared to other resorts, we’re pretty lucky this one is so close. With over 20 slopes, 300-foot vertical drops, and more to do than on the average “snow day” (like Ohio’s largest tubing park), this resort could be the weekend getaway you’ve been looking for.

When the winter season hits, cross-country skiing doesn’t get much love. Snowboards are rented, skis are scuffed and scratched, and tubing is always a crowd-pleaser. But skiing’s safer cousin—cross-country skiing—is a fun and adventurous sport typically done on the trails and courses at the Cleveland Metroparks. Don’t own a pair of cross-country skis? Don’t sweat it — you can rent a pair at Big Met Golf Course in the Rocky River Reservation. Keep those poles close to your body, stick to the track, and, most importantly, have fun trying something new.

With a name like Snow Trails, this Mansfield resort better have some well-groomed, snowy trails. Spoiler: they do. The slopes have a beginners course for those who need it, terrain parks, and over 15 trails to ski down. Feel free to rent your equipment or bring your own. Or, give snow tubing a go before grabbing lunch at one of their four bars and restaurants throughout the resort. Are you daydreaming about you and your friends crushing the slopes right about now? Eat up, hydrate (or chug that hot cocoa), and hit up one more slope before making the trek back home.

This might be the most popular ski resort in Northeast Ohio. With the entire place dedicated to winter fun, there’s not much this snowy wonderland doesn’t have. Snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding, lessons, and places to get warm in between runs. But do you know what the best part is? It’s a mere 30 minutes south of Downtown Cleveland in Peninsula. And with 18 slopes, 88 skiable acres, and hills that have over a 260-foot vertical drop, BMBW could be your Ohio skiing paradise.

Is it snowing yet? Because we are counting down the days until we can crush the whole skiing game at Alpine Valley. And the fact that it’s a mere 40 minutes away in Chesterland makes it that much better. With 35 acres of skiable slopes and the longest run spanning 2,000 feet, we’re about to hop in the car and head that way for the day right now. Fitt Tip: check out their ticket specials to get the best bang for your buck. Every Wednesday night is College Night. Bring your ID and grab a pass for just $20.

We bet you didn’t know that there’s a small skiable area in Lake County! Well now you do. Nestled inside the Lake County Metroparks, is Big Creek, which spans 23 acres and features a 175-foot vertical drop. And with five runs to ski, this place is perfect for every level of skier. What’s better — these drops are open for sport every day of the week (even until 11pm on Fridays).


**Updated by Layne Adams, November 2018