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APR 15, 2019



CrossFit is so much more than a “type” of workout; it’s a community — one that is as concerned about helping you crush your WODs and get stronger as it is making sure you leave the gym feeling empowered and supported.

Luckily, Cleveland has no short supply of CrossFit boxes. So it doesn’t matter if you’re on the east or west side of the city — there’s a fitness-minded crew nearby ready to help get you into shape. And here are some of the best.

All gyms are not created equal. The same can be said about CrossFit boxes. And CrossFit Distinction knows that to be true, which is why this Beachwood spot is working to set themselves apart from the other gyms, CrossFit or otherwise, in the area. So what’s their selling point? Well, there’s three things really: coaching, community, and a commitment to getting you results. All you have to do it put in the work!

If you’re searching for a spot to get your sweat on without leaving the city, then you need to stop by CrossFit CLE (in between downtown and New Chinatown). They have 6,700 square feet of prime WOD real estate with so much room for activities! And there’s plenty of equipment to go around, too — you’ll be able to workout without having to wait for someone to finish their reps. Check it out yourself by signing this online form to try your first class for free.

At CTOWN, they’re passionate about their goals, but they’re even more passionate about yours. Helping CrossFitters gain success in the gym and beyond is what makes this box so successful. And now with two boxes to visit, they’re more accessible than ever. After thriving on the East Bank of the Flats for years, they’ve expanded to the West Side in Fairview Park. Boasting energy for days and a can-do attitude, the coaches and members at this place welcome you to come hang out and crush your fitness goals. Fitt Tip: they offer a free one-on-one session for newcomers.

Cleveland was nicknamed the Sixth City back in the 1900s because it ranked sixth in population. Hence the name of this kick-ass box. CrossFit Sixth City is proud of their city, and even more proud of their gym. With some 5,000 square feet dedicated to CrossFit, Olympic lifting, and personalized group classes, they’re committed to helping you rise to the top — even if you’re only competing with yourself. You can find them downtown on St. Claire (down the street from CrossFit CLE!)

If you’re sick and tired of going to the Globo gym down the street, you have something in common with the owner of Strong Tower. When founder Joshua realized there was more to working out than the bench press, he became a CrossFit convert. And now, just south of CLE in Middleburg Heights, he’ll help make you one, too. Whether it’s CrossFit classes, Barbell Club, athletic development, mobilizing, or simply having a post-WOD burger with your fellow members, you’ll get fit while feeling right at home.

Lakewood continues to uphold its reputation for amazing eats, but the suburb also needs to be recognized for Birdtown CrossFit. Combining the CrossFit methodology with a heaping dose of awesome makes this gym a place to get fit and have fun. Imagine that — actually looking forward to your workouts. Saturday’s free community workouts are a prime example of this approach. It’s the perfect opportunity to scope out the scene at Birdtown while working up a sweat.

Burning River CrossFit has everything you need to get in shape and nothing that you don’t. This Bay Village no-frills gym is inside a 5,000-square-foot industrial facility (which makes it even more badass). And the massive garage-like box is filled with WOD-friendly, strength, and conditioning space to conquer your goals. From CrossFit group classes to on-ramps to open gyms — Burning River has it all.

This spot on the West Side is home to Black Flag CrossFit — a safe haven where Clevelanders can work up some serious sweat. With a recently renovated gym, Black Flag has enough space and equipment for all vets and rookies. But the programming options here go beyond your daily workout. Members are empowered to pursue their own path to fitness through Olympic weightlifting classes, general fitness classes, and even active recovery.

Working out is as big a brain game as it is about breaking a sweat. And no one better understands that than CrossFit Mentality in Mentor. They take a scalable, actionable approach to not only your big PRs, but the smart approach to getting there. Under the watchful eye of Scott Panchik (four-time CrossFit Games veteran), you’ll grow in body and in mind. And their state-of-the-art 6,300-square-foot facility isn’t bad either.

Not to be confused with the gang over at CrossFit CLE, CrossFit Cleveland in Rocky River is a tribe of exercisers and athletes who just get. stuff. done. Their supportive cast will support you through any and all of their ever-changing workouts. And they have something for everyone, too. Check out their free intro, where a coach will welcome you with open arms, give you a tour of the gym, and do some light movements to assess where you’re at so you can work out in the safest way possible!

CrossFitters absolutely love Erie Shore CrossFit in Avon Lake. It could be the graffitied wall, garage gym atmosphere. It could be the Rogue rigs, atlas stones, and a whole heck of a lot of bumper plates. But we think it’s the community. Here, expert instruction and endless patience allow every level of CrossFitter to find a home. Don’t miss when they host a Memorial Day Murph Challenge, a grueling WOD dedicated to a fallen Navy SEAL. It’s a day well spent.

We’re just going to hold off on making any strength puns about the city of Strongsville. But we’re pretty sure most of their strong is manufactured at CrossFit Strongsville. Barbells, battle ropes, and a bevy of seasoned CrossFitters hold down the fort and put you to work. And on nice days, expect to throw around some weight outside. Fitt Tip: try your first class for free by signing up here.

You have to check out the machines over at Chagrin Falls CrossFit. We’re talking about the CrossFitters, of course. You won’t find all those fancy-schmancy exercise machines at their warehouse work room. Instead, you’ll find rows and rows of boxes, indoor rowers, and rings. That, and the most dedicated training staff around. Check your ego at the door, though — these guys expect you to work hard… without the excuses.

CrossFit Remix dances to their own tune. Yeah, they’ll level you up in CrossFit and help you figure out that handstand, but they emphasize holistic health in what they do. They take the time to teach you the lifts, mentor (that’s where their gym is, too) your lifestyle, and check up to make sure you’re getting enough zzz’s. You’ll fit in here, we promise. With a community-centric philosophy, everybody knows everybody’s name… which helps when you need a spot.

Root 18 says “when you find your limits, crush them”. It’s their epic, endless motivation that gives us the confidence to push ourselves through that last set of burpees or box jumps. Seriously, just one trip to this Medina box and we think you’ll be hooked. Their veteran staff and killer programs make us understand why that CrossFit feeling is so infectious.

We bet no one ever told you that working out could be fun, but at Mayfield’s Crooked River CrossFit, it’s where the two meet with open arms. Combining interactive workouts in an uplifting atmosphere, Crooked River wants you to reach your fitness goals no matter what level of athlete you are. Backed with inspiring coaches and like-minded individuals, this CrossFit family will be right there with you no matter what your WOD throws at you.


**Updated by Layne Adams, December 2018

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