UPDATED NOV 11, 2019

Juicing is touted as one of the healthiest things ever. Thankfully, Cleveland has awesome juice bars that are as real as it can get. So, the next time you have a craving for a smoothie, cold-pressed juice, or energy shot, check out these juice bars in CLE.




The CLE Juice Box doesn’t just have an awesome name, they also give Clevelanders an organic, vegan, and gluten-free menu. They have everything from 100% organic juices to housemade baked goods to some of our favorite local coffees. The next time you’re in Mentor, check out their ever-changing menu by stopping in OR by going through their drive-thru!

Hingetown might be known for Rising Star Coffee and Harness Cycle, but make way for Beet Jar, makers of a mean juice and takeaway grub. This cute juice bar is organic, plant-based, and, most importantly for us on-the-movers, quick. You can grab a cold-pressed juice, shot, or cashew milk from the cooler, or you can have a made-to-order smoothie. Their menu even has small bites for snacks, along with one-, two-, and three-day juice cleanses to pick from.

Restore your body with some good ol’ natural ingredients by stopping by Restore downtown on Huron Road. This raw smoothie and juice bar is on a mission to fill Cleveland up on natural goodness. And while most juice bars are quick and somewhat informal, Restore wants you to stay a while. They have juices sorted by how they benefit you, their smoothies are chopped full of powerful ingredients, their acai bowls are unique and colorful, and, last but not least, they have avocado and almond butter toasts that will knock your socks off.

We know what you’re thinking: TownHall is obviously more than a juice bar — they’re practically non-GMO royalty in Ohio City. But the restaurant does have a takeaway bar to the right of the restaurant where you can grab quick things like coffees or juices. And, as per usual, TownHall’s menu doesn’t disappoint. They have a long list of organic, cold-pressed juices, and organic smoothies. Have a go at their Probiotic Strawberry Lemonade, Maine Root Ginger Beer, or wheatgrass shots to add a little health kick to your day.

Daily Press, a juicery and cafe in Gordon Square, creates cold-pressed juices for a reason. Essentially, cold-pressing involves squeezing the hell out of fruits and vegetables to get as many nutrients from its natural state as possible. Why’s that good for us? Daily Press uses ingredients that are organic, vegan, and local — giving you the freshest juice that you deserve. Try favorites like their Punk & Pie and Black Magic Lemonade. Fitt tip: return the bottle after you buy a cold-pressed juice and get a $1 off your next juice!

What’s not to love about the West Side Market? As one of the oldest markets in the world, it’s filled with numerous of vendors that have everything from local fruits, vegetables, meats, and other goods. But if you’re into juicing—and if you’re reading this, you probably are—stop by Juice Garden (stand #D-13) for a quick smoothie or freshly-squeezed juice while roaming around the market.

FruitVibe Juice is Cleveland’s homegrown juice supplier. You can find seasonal juices filled with greens, fruits, and spices, or you can chug an elixir to get you feeling true to form. Though they don’t have a true brick-and-mortar, FruitVibe still delivers… literally. So if you’re in need of a hot ginger shot STAT or a six-pack cleanse — all you gotta do is give ‘em a call. You can also find these raw, cold-pressed, and fresh juices at Lake Road Market in Rocky River.

Ohio City’s Johnny Mango isn’t just a restaurant where you can get cuisine from around the world; they’re also known for their tasty juice bar. From drinks that may help with a nasty hangover (tomatoes, carrots, celery, scallions, green peppers, and garlic) to soy milkshakes that are so good, you’ll probably try to make one yourself at home (and fail).

If you’re by Shaker Square, don’t pass up the chance to visit JuiceUp! This cute little shop almost goes unnoticed, but once you try their organic cold-pressed juices or smoothies, you’ll never miss this juice bar again. Start your morning off with their Start-Up juice, made with pineapple, apple, and ginger. Or keep it green and clean with their Green Giant, assembled with pretty much a full garden. Whichever juice you choose, you can feel good knowing you’re drinking organic ingredients.

Mayfield Road’s Fawaky Burst Juice Company is on the up! Because when we say this juice company serves up natural juices, we mean it. Some juices are even served in pineapple halves for the ultimate summer experience (BYO tiny umbrella). They also have massive fruit and veggie salads that you just have to see to believe. But in case you can’t make it out to Euclid, be on the lookout for their food truck!

With over 30 combinations of smoothies and juices, it can be tough to choose your favorite cold beverage. From citrus to soy to tropical to acai bowls — your next juice is just a sip away. Juices are freshly squeezed and their wheatgrass shots are raw and calling your name. And thanks to their numerous locations, we’re lucky enough to try ’em all, with locations in Independence, Mayfield, Mentor, Parma, Strongsville, and more.

Chef Anna Harouvis is one of the best culinary professionals in the city. Known for her raw, organic, and natural recipes, Anna’s juices and snacks shouldn’t be messed with (or more like “you should mess with them”). Inside the IMG Building on East 9th Street, her to-go shop called Anna in the Raw delivers the goods. Whether you’re stopping in to prepare yourself for a juice cleanse or a quick cold-pressed juice, her original flavors are so tasty, you’re going to forget they’re actually healthy.

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