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JUL 14, 2020



Back in the day, the only healthy thing to get at restaurants were veggie filled salads. And while we love a good salad here and there, sometimes they just fall flat. Thankfully, someone decided to add nutritious oats, beans, and proteins to these salads and decided to call them bowls: Buddha bowls, poke bowls, and the ever-fruity acai bowls, to be exact.

Now, we get flavorful and nourishing meals all mixed together in one convenient bowl! Consult this goodie-packed list when you’re ready to go bowlin’.

This mobile cafe pops up around Cleveland’s hottest studios and fitness events. Serving up bowls made with local fruits from the West Side Market, each bowl is jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and a whole lot of goodness. Pick your favorite combination of fruits, nuts, and seeds, and get to chowing.

Restore is well-known for their cold-pressed juices and super smoothies, but stop there — this cozy cafe is also whipping up some yummy bowls too. Start with a acai, dragonfruit, fruit blend, or oatmeal base, then customize your bowl with nut butters, fruit, cacao nibs, pepitas, and more. With so many variations, you might have to try two or three until you find which one’s your favorite.

We don’t think the name of this cafe can be any clearer; they’re fresh and they’re healthy. A global chain (find them in North Olmsted, Strongsville, and Beachwood), they bring Cleveland hearty goods that will make you feel at home. Their power bowls will make you say “screw you” to smoothies, and opt for a spoon instead. From pitaya and acai to peanut butter and Greek yogurt, these bowls are fabulously filling. Oh, and they have hot power bowls bursting with veggies, too!

Cultivate is a place to grab brews, snacks, and plates from local producers. Nestled in Chagrin Falls, Cultivate has awesome take-away options for people on the go… which brings us to their bowls. We’re talking about free-range cashew chicken bowls, roasted vegetable bowls drizzled with a carrot ginger dressing, and a whole lot quinoa. If you love a bowl on the go (they’re so easy!), Cultivate is your new hot spot.

Bibibop is a spin-off of the Korean word bibimbap, meaning "mixed rice." And that’s what every customer gets to chow on when they come over for the Asian-inspired menu. Choose a base (purple or white rice, salad, noodles, or a roll), some toppings (black beans, potatoes, sprouts, kale, corn, and more), proteins (organic tofu, chicken, and steak), and one-of-a-kind sauces. Mix it all together and you have one hell of a bowl. With four location in the Cleveland area, it's time to invest in a spork.

Like Bibibop, Boaz Cafe (on Lorrain Ave.) is for those who like all the power — every bowl at this delicious Mediterranean spot is customizable. Lucky visitors get to choose from a lentil or rice base, then select form an array of colorful vegetables, hummus or baba, and leafy greens. Top it all off with some mango cilantro dressing and you have yourself one hell of a Buddha bowl.

West 29th’s Cleveland Tea Revival serves more than just your favorite herbal beverage. Nothing against tea, but we’re always down for a quick bowl before hopping onto the next errand. Try the ever-popular Matcha-Miso Rice Bowl in between sips of unique teas and soak in the easy afternoon vibes.

When you’re in a need of a pick-me-up, find a pHuel Cafe at one of their two locations on Euclid or Chester Ave. This plant-based cafe wants to fuel (obviously) Clevelanders up with some clean goods — bowls included. Stop by on your way to work for their steak and egg breakfast bowl (jam-packed with a whole lotta veggies), or save your hunger for the ride home with their "Ahi-Tuna Bowl". Just try not to eat it all on the car ride home…

We can’t talk about clean eating and hearty bowls without mentioning the Good to Go Cafe in the IMG Building. Specials change all the time, but one thing remains the same: their menu makes being healthy easy — from raw to vegan to gluten-free to non-GMO. Really, Good to Go Cafe is as clean as it gets with a mouth full of flavor. Keep your eyes peeled for some unique Buddha and acai bowls because specials change daily!

C’mon, we can’t talk about bowls and not mention Public Square’s ReBOL. We mean, ‘BOL’ is literally in their name. Choose from their list of signature bols or build your own from scratch! Just show up, mark what you want in your bowl on a paper, and await to have your taste buds wowed. But what’s the best part about ReBOL? They serve up breakfast bowls as well. That’s right — ReBOL all day, everyday.

West 25th’s TownHall always has the most amazing specials going on weekly, but you can always count on their insanely good bowls — from General Tso’s Tofu Bowl for vegans to their entire menu cold bowls filled with vegetables, fruits, meats, and more. Honestly, their list of bowls is extensive. Just see for yourself—scratch that—taste for yourself.

There are a ton of places to choose from when you’re wandering around University Circle, but when you’re in dire need for a good poke bowl, try out Kenko. Their poke bowls are a beautiful combination of white or brown rice (get brown), two different proteins, veggies, sauces, and toppings. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is, so come hungry.

You won’t have to hunt for the bowls at CoreLife. Here, there’s a bowl to suit every appetite. If you’re looking for veggies that pack a punch, try the green bowls. Want a grain base? Choose from any of the grain bowls. Of course, they’ve got classic rice bowls too. But, what’s unique at CoreLife is its “Broth Bowls” section, which features meat or veggies slow-simmered in the house broth all day. Now that’s something savory that hits the spot.


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