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Layne Gibbons

APR 18, 2019

When we look at the StairMaster, we remember the sweat pouring down our faces, our glutes on fire, and the very real urge to hop the hell off and never climb a stair again. But post workout, we actually feel pretty good and give ourselves a high-five. It’s a love/hate relationship.

But wouldn’t it be nice if there were actual climb classes that could take our hands and motivate us to climb just a few more stairs? Well, start stretching those legs because Rise Nation has made its way to Cleveland.


Rise Nation started off in West Hollywood and made Cleveland their second home. Why? Because our need and love for fitness is insatiable — of course, we want more ways to sweat!

These climb classes are a great source of cardio while improving our balance, coordination, and biomechanics. We mean, there are only so many times we can run on a treadmill, right? Yeah, Rise Nation isn’t about that life — their classes are unlike anything in the area.


The key to a good workout is the experience. And Rise Nation gives Cleveland a pleasant one (besides the whole “can’t feel your legs” feeling at the end). Step into this dark, neon-lit studio and you’ll be greeted by rows and rows of climbers. You’ll have an instructor giving you the proper prompts to climb thoroughly and properly. It’s kind of like a class at Harness Cycle — but with stairs… lots and lots of stairs.

There are three styles of classes you can take: there’s Level 1, for beginners, where your estimated climb will be between 700-2500 feet. Level 2 is choreographed through music, making your 1500-3500 feet climbed a fun one. Then, there’s Level 3 for the badass, extreme climbers — 2500-6000 feet, mixed with different movements and intervals meant to torch every muscle in your body.


Rise Nation’s workouts speak for themselves; they’re fun, they’re active, and they’re effective AF. Find out at their studio at 1026 Euclid Ave. in Downtown Cleveland and have your first climb FREE. Classes go down every day of the week, so check out their schedule, follow them on social media, and get climbing.

Fitt Tip: as always, parking downtown can be an actual monster, so park at the Halle Garage or Huntington Bank Garage to have your tickets validated by Rise Nation.