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SEP 3, 2019

As great as Cleveland is, we don’t have the same mountains that other Midwest states have. Finding an indoor rock wall three years ago in Cleveland was harder than finding a Steelers fan. Now, indoor rock climbing studios are popping up like Townhall’s hotcakes. When Cleveland likes something, we go all in. Aka: We. Can’t. Stop. Climbing. Check out some of our favorite climbing spots below!

Hidden inside Calabrese Industrial Park, behind all the buildings, is Cleveland Rock Gym. With two areas designated for rope walls and bouldering, climbers have their choice of walls. They range from 12-30 feet in height and change all the time, so if you frequent often, no wall will be the same as before. Pop by for a quick climb or reserve your spot—they have all the gear for rent and awesome staff to belay.

We’ve all been on Tremont’s Professor Ave. by this point, right? We can’t deny Tremont’s coolness, but something most people fail to notice is Climb Cleveland, where all your bouldering dreams can come true. Bouldering consists of climbing large rocks closer to the ground, meaning you won’t need ropes for these bad boys. In the basement, you’ll find mock lead walls, making it the perfect place to practice moving side to side. There’s even a crack wall where climbers can practice for bigger climbs. Intimidated? Don’t worry, all walls are coordinated by color, from the easiest to the hardest. Fitt Tip: Climb Cleveland also has weekly yoga classes!

In case you didn’t already know, Cleveland rocks, and so does the climbing mecca in the old Franklin Masonic Center. Cleveland Rocks has over 18,000 square feet dedicated to rock climbing. There's a training area introducing campus, moon, and hang boards (don’t worry, you’ll get used to the jargon) as well as clinics and climbs to help you get more acquainted with these walls. They also have a yoga studio, workout area, showers, and community meet-ups.

New to the Lakewood area is the cleverly-named rock gym, Nosotros. Spanish for “we,” Nosotros is all about community climbs. Founded in the basement of Lakewood Baptist Church, climbers will find rope-less bouldering climbs for experts and newbies alike. Matching with the church above them, the instructors here have faith in their climbers. And there’s no doubt — this place is the perfect spot for dates, team bonding, or even just a quick lunchtime climb.

Play:CLE is making a name for themselves not just in Cleveland, but the entire country. But lucky for Clevelanders, their local digs is the largest indoor adventure park in the nation, at over 25,000 square feet. They have everything from zip-lining to parkour, but they also have bouldering (no belay ropes in this area) and eight different climbing walls to spice up your workout. Their climbing walls have an auto-belay system to make your climbing experience safer. And their bouldering walls aren’t the typical short walls you may be used to— they're far higher, so climbers can crank or dead hang (don’t worry, there’s a massive air bag to break your fall).