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JUL 14, 2020



"Scream for ice cream" takes on a whole new meaning after you've scoured Cleveland for vegan-friendly ice cream and can’t seem to find any frozen treats.

Although some can be hard to find, we’ve uncovered seven of the most delicious and health-conscious vegan ice cream spots the city of Cleveland has to offer.

This endearing creamery has truly transformed itself from a walk-up window into a cozy ice cream cabin. If that delightful description isn’t reason enough to put Mason’s high atop your must-visit list, then their house-made options, from the classics to vegan-friendly flavors, may do the trick. Dairy-free flavors, like roasted peach sorbet and vanilla with sweet sriracha, are great by themselves or stuffed between warm and flakey vegan churros for the ultimate ice cream sandwich.

Piccadilly owners Cosmin and Adrian pride themselves on using organic ingredients from local farms and markets. Phrases like grass-fed, gluten-free, and vegan aren’t just buzzwords here — they're taken seriously, which explains how the place is able to make such incredible ice cream with so few ingredients. You can feel good about filling up on whatever you order. We recommend the build-your-own sundae that allows you to choose from four different flavors of vegan soft-serve yogurt, including creamy coconut and hot cocoa.

When you mix a cozy coffee shop with artisan ice cream flavors, you get Lakewood’s Ice Cream Joy. This cafe has everything to please a vegan’s sweet tooth. From almond milk lattes to cinnamon sugar almond ice cream, you’ll be eating Ice Cream Joy in your dreams. This spot also has vegan whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce, toppings, and other snacks you can nibble on before and after your ice cream cone.

A stop at this sweet spot will transport you to another place and time. Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with an eclectic vibe. Everything in this ice cream shop is homemade from the freshest ingredients, right down to the toppings. You can order vegan vanilla bean and dark chocolate ice cream by the scoop, in a sundae, or in a shake.

This spot is a fan favorite among locals, as well as a must-visit for out-of-towners. Cleveland born and raised owners, Pete and Mike, believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the sweet taste of ice cream. That’s why Mitchell’s caters to practically every dietary need. This certified Kosher shop sources ingredients from local family and fruit farms to serve up some of the tastiest sorbet and vegan ice cream around. Sorbets are rotated often, featuring flavors like mango and salted caramel pecan.

Make this mom-and-pop shop your go-to for gelato. The Sweet Spot also uses almond milk to make their vegan gelato and ice cream. One of our favorite creations is their vegan snickerdoodle ice cream — it’s a delicious combination of organic cinnamon and almond milk, with pieces of vegan snickerdoodle cookies mixed it. Fitt tip: If you’re not in Lakewood, be on the lookout for the Sweet Spot food truck.

Tucked in the heart of historic Tremont, this neighborhood shop believes everyone deserves a treat! That’s their motto, and they’re serving up scoop after delicious scoop of vegan-friendly ice cream to prove it. Whether you want a bowl of vanilla bean or a cookies and cream flavored milkshake, Tremont has you covered. This spot is only open during the spring and summer months, but rest assured that these treats are worth waiting for.


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