Choolaah in The Community: Fundraisers, Fitness, & Fast-Casual

Choolaah in The Community: Fundraisers, Fitness, & Fast-Casual

There’s a lot to love about Choolaah’s flavor-packed masala and responsibly-sourced eats served up in a hurry. Though, there’s more to your favorite Indian BBQ spot than tandoor-fired naan.

Sure, Choolaah serves good-for-you, freshly-made food, but they’re also committed to spreading the love outside their four walls by making their impact felt in the community.

Feel-Good Food

Choolaah loves bringing people together and they’re not shy about rolling up their sleeves to build community. You only need to look at their countless easy-to-host fundraisers, volunteering, and event-driven programming to see that their impact goes well beyond their open kitchen.

However, it’s not just a front to push paneer, it’s in their roots. In ancient Northern India, families and friends would gather around a “sanja chulha” — essentially, a big community oven to share warmth and stories. A modernized “Choolaah” is a fresh take on this timeless experience of sitting, sharing, and savoring good company and good food, every day.

Since their opening, Choolaah has hosted all-day fundraisers for impactful non-profits and community organizations where 30% of every meal sold is donated back to support the efforts of groups like Empowering Epilepsy. And they’re always hosting groups and organizations in their spacious, welcoming eatery.

That warm, fuzzy feeling

Choolaah knows that what you put in your body is only half of the healthy living equation, too. That’s why their dedication to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop with their menu.

In the spring, Choolaah in Orange Village partnered with East 4th and Yoga and ZENworks Yoga to get the city sweating. Not only did the donation-based community yoga class get area yogis flowing, but it also raised funds to support school programs in underserved communities throughout CLE.

Whether we’re talking about food or fitness, Choolaah gives everything they’re involved in 100%, and we’ve got a feeling this is just the jumping-off point.

A healthy helping

If the heart shown by Choolaah doesn’t encourage you to share good vibes and good food, we don’t know what will. Stay tuned for more community workouts and fundraisers throughout the year.

Oh, and if you need to cater your next fundraiser, gala, business meeting, or even tailgate, look no further than their line of bowls and by-the-pound BBQ. You’re bound to gather a crowd.