Get to Know Ohio City Galley, Cleveland’s Most Innovative Food Hall

Get to Know Ohio City Galley, Cleveland’s Most Innovative Food Hall

Sound the alarms! Galley Group has finally opened their unique kitchen collective, debuting the first four restaurants inside the newly-renovated Forrest City Savings and Trust Bank Building! You know what that means, right? You can stop now by Ohio City Galley and try out delicious food from four different concepts without ever stepping foot outside, folks.

Oh my galley

Never heard of Ohio City Galley? Here’s the low-down: Galley Group, the company behind Pittsburgh’s Smallman Galley and Detroit Galley, develops food halls featuring local and innovative restaurants, giving them the opportunity to grow their business and thrive — and their Ohio City edition opened at the end of October 2018.

Tons of culinary geniuses around the area applied for the coveted positions and only four were selected. However, the galley’s rules state that after staying a minimum of a year at OHC Galley, these restaurants will have the choice to stay in the food hall or branch out and open up their own, permanent spots. This translates to Clevelanders getting treated to a revolving door of some amazing food every. single. year.

The lucky four

Alright, we know the anticipation is killing you and you’re ready to find who the first four restaurants are. Don’t worry — we got you.

Culinary veteran, owner, and chef at Ohio City’s Black Pig, Michael Nowak, opened Poca Casual Mexican inside the food hall. The menu showcases Mexico’s bright and fresh flavors, and thoughtfully-sourced ingredients. Picture zesty salsas, crisp corn tortillas, and more from this startup restaurant.

Next up, we have The Rice Shop. Thought up by Cleveland local Anthony Zappola, The Rice Shop combines Asian and South American flavors into classic bowls. The eatery already has an outpost in Las Vegas featuring a menu of rice bowls filled with leafy greens and sassy sauces. So, you can expect more of the same (get excited).

But if you’re not in the mood for a rice bowl, hit up TINMAN. Brother duo and Cleveland natives, Michael and Tom Schoen crafted a menu based around the comfort foods connected to their memories of growing up in the city.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Sauce the City. For the past decade, Victor Searcy Jr. has been creating his own seasoning sauces, and now, he’s getting the chance to showcase these sauces on Sauce the City’s menu of burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

One-stop shop

In addition to the four eateries, the 8,700-square-foot space features a four-sided bar featuring local and regional brews and more. Four kitchens, four-sided bar… eights reasons to try out Ohio City’s newest restaurant (or more like restaurants). Get to 1400 W. 25th St. to see what it’s all about.