11 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of Cleveland’s Health & Fitness Scene

11 Reasons Every City Should be Jealous of Cleveland’s Health & Fitness Scene

Cleveland gets called a lot of names (both good and bad), but maybe they’re just jealous of what we’ve been rocking lately.

Buckle up because we’re about to rave about how fit, healthy, and happy The Land really is. Cleveland has made a few national ranks in regards to how awesome our little fitness community is, which is why we’re about to shed some light on what makes our health scene so worthy.

From run groups to restaurants who actually give a damn what’s in their food, Cleveland is the bomb and is only getting better. Hi, haters — welcome to Believeland.

  • RALABALA’s Sweat & Feast

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    Say it with us now: RALABALA. Besides rolling off the tongue in a cool way, RALABALA has brought Cleveland badass workouts good enough for the whole community. This husband and wife duo took their inspiration to a whole new level with their Sweat & Feast series, which gathers community for an outdoor bootcamp-style workout, followed by a healthy dinner at Ohio City’s TownHall. Sweat it out, fuel it up, and make some friends while doing it.

  • TownHall literally shapes the community

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    There are town halls in every city, but none like the TownHall in Ohio City. This beloved restaurant serves up a menu completely free of GMOs and additives. Not to mention they cater to literally every type of eater, having nights dedicated to both vegan and paleo palates. And if their food isn’t tasty enough, they also partner up with fitness studios and groups around the city to mix fitness with nutritious meals. Healthy food + healthy lifestyle? It’s pretty clear that abs are made in their kitchen.

  • Yoga at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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    image via Inner Bliss Yoga Studio | Facebook

    Have you heard of Believe in CLE’s yoga movement? What first started in 2013 is still going strong to this day, and every year, Believe in CLE partners up with local yoga studios and puts on the biggest outdoor yoga event our city has ever seen. Yogis set up their mats outside our famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for an unforgettable experience of collective consciousness. There’s yoga, food trucks, music — basically it’s a big ol’ yoga party celebrating The Land.

  • Our healthy brunch scene is bonkers

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    It seems like brunch is only getting bigger and better in cities around the globe, but no one puts out a healthy brunch menu quite like Cleveland does. It’s easy to whip up buttermilk pancakes, but what about TownHall’s Sweet Potato Hot Cakes or the Vegan Power Bowl at The Root in Lakewood? Yeah, those healthy eats can only be found in CLE, and we’re gonna keep on brunchin’ it up until someone hides our fork.

  • Biking has never been easier

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    image via Bike Cleveland | Facebook

    Why waste gas and spend an hour looking for parking when you can simply take the bike for a spin? Thankfully for us, biking around CLE has never been easier. From trails around the Emerald Necklace to the Towpath to the Lakefront Bikeway, we always have a place to ride safely. And thanks to the Midway project, we have over 80 miles (and growing) of bike paths that can get us in, out, and around the city. Not to mention bike share programs (like University Hospital’s) that allows us to rent a bike whenever we need one. What car payment?

  • We have water and we use it

    SUP in Cleveland
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    We’re legit lakeside to Lake Erie (one of the largest lakes in North America), so when it comes to life on the water — we mean business. There are plenty of rivers that connect to Lake Erie, which means we have endless space for kayaking, paddleboarding, SUP yoga, and other water sports. (Not to mention we’re suckers for finding waterfalls and swimming holes to cool off in after a hike.) We all know the joke about the Cuyahoga River catching fire back in 1969, but that’s in the past, you guys. Kick back with a Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale with your floaties on.

  • We party on the bike

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    The indoor cycling game is growing in Cleveland, and we have some pretty tough competition when it comes to diehard studios. After all, there’s no need to stop biking once Cleveland’s winter hits. From the beat battles over at GrooveRyde to seeing Harness Cycle’s owner, Anne Hartnett, on CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles, when it comes to getting strong on the bike — we have options.

  • We love our coffee

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    Whether you ride on the caffeine train or not — Cleveland doesn’t mess around when it comes to our coffee. Sure, Starbucks is cool and all, but we’d rather give back to local shops than global chains. Grab a bag o’ beans from one of Rising Star’s many cafes, sip on some bulletproof from Restore Cold Pressed, or slurp up an iced latte from Erie Island Coffee Company. Whatever you choose, you’re in good hands.

  • Lotus pose for less

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    image via lululemon Cleveland | Facebook

    Yoga is peaceful, but paying those hefty studio fees isn’t. Luckily for us Clevelanders, we have an impressive list of donation-based classes that get the job done for a lower fee. We can get our Vinyasa flow on at one of lululemon’s free community workouts or join Vision Underground for a community fundraising class. No matter how heavy your wallet is, there’s a yoga class that is welcoming us with open arms (and mats).

  • Sweat & Sip

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    image via @balanceandbrews | Instagram

    If there’s one thing bigger than our love for fitness, it’s our love for breweries. That’s right — we like to sweat and we like to drink, so why not combine the two? You can call us multitaskers. Balance & Brews offers yoga at different breweries around the city, while other groups, like Sugarstride’s Eat Clean, Run Dirty, offers a free beer post run. Work hard, play hard.

  • We run in packs

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    Clevelanders know when it comes to running, joining a run group is the way to go. They’re inspiring, they’re free, and they’re motivating AF. We can see the best of both worlds running over the bridges from Ohio City to downtown CLE with Harness Cycle. We can break a sweat in every season with Run Wild CLE. And we can even combine our love of running with yoga with Cleveland Yoga’s #RunCLEyoga. See that? There’s a group for every kind of runner in Cleveland.