Where to WOD: 11 Columbus CrossFit Gyms You Should Know

Where to WOD: 11 Columbus CrossFit Gyms You Should Know

It may not be obvious to the average fan, but the CrossFit world would be remiss without Columbus on the map. Home to several Games athletes and the gold standard equipment giant Rogue Fitness, the functional fitness community in Central Ohio is bangin’, you might say.

Whether you’re looking to drop in someplace new or seeking a box to call home, the Cap City offers a selection of CrossFit gyms as varied as “the sport of fitness” itself.

  • Fit Club

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    Set on the banks of the Scioto River, Fit Club keeps downtown CBUS CrossFitters throwing around weights every day of the week. Founded by head coach Mitch Potterf and attended by some of Columbus’ best CrossFitters—like four-time Masters CrossFit Games Athlete Shellie Edington—Fit Club prides itself on a one-on-one assessment for every athlete. Yes, you are an athlete too!

  • CrossFit Hilliard – Eleventh Element

    Columbus Crossfit
    image via 11th element | Facebook

    When Graham Holmberg left CrossFit Grandview in 2013, he went on to start his own affiliate. Enter: CrossFit Hilliard – Eleventh Element. The name is a nod to CrossFit’s ten fitness standards that make up the body of physical fitness. Holmberg set out to establish an affiliate that operated with an additional standard: the “eleventh element” of faith. Believe in yourself and step into this westside gym (where your first class is on the house!).

  • Friendship Fitness & Nutrition

    Columbus Crossfit
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    The menu of fitness programs offered at this Dublin gym rivals that of the Cheesecake Factory. With options for kids, teens, competition-level athletes, and specialized classes in gymnastics, endurance, and barbell lifts, there really is an option for everyone. They also sport a pretty sweet futuristic logo; it may be worth a drop-in just to grab a t-shirt or a pair of lifting socks.

  • SuperFit Columbus

    Crossfit Near Columbus
    image via SuperFit Columbus | Facebook

    Owner and head trainer Brian Walsh has made it his personal mission to ensure that everyone who walks in the doors at SuperFit feels like family. This is evident in his meticulous tracking of PRs, no matter how small, and the group’s celebration of members inside and outside the box. This fitness family is a mainstay in Gahanna. Oh, and be sure to bring a friend to WOD for free on Saturdays.

  • Ohio Strength

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    The folks at Ohio Strength say that professionals rank their facility among the top five in the country. While the jury is still out on this claim, it’s hard to argue with 10,000 square feet of fitness, 34 yards of open turf, and classes that span 14 hours in a day. This Italian Village gym pulls out all the stops for its members, even providing free eBooks with functional fitness tips.

  • CrossFit IPA

    Crossfit Near Columbus
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    Yes, it’s named for exactly what you think it is, and the programming at CrossFit IPA goes down as smooth as the famous beer that’s made at the factory down the street. In fact, they use a neighboring park for outdoor WODs, so you can grab whiffs of the hops cooking in between burpees. This affiliate prides itself on their two-week free trial for beginners — a chance to really test your palate on the coaches and programming. Think of it as a WOD flight.

  • CrossFit 43123

    Crossfit Near Columbus
    image via CrossFit 43123 | Facebook

    Head to the south side for Grove City’s premier fitness facility. Check them out for your standard WOD, but if you’re looking for something a little different, they can also deliver. Their CrossFit Shred class replaces heavy barbells with auxiliary movements and a higher dose of body weight exercises. They also offer nutrition counseling and classes for the kids, too.

  • CrossFit Grandview

    Where to WOD
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    Formerly known as Rogue Gahanna, CrossFit Grandview is the brainchild of Brandon Couden and Graham Holmberg — who you might recognize as champion of the 2010 CrossFit Games. When Rogue Gahanna moved and rebranded as CrossFit Grandview in 2012, it became known as a pacesetter for affiliates across the country. They were the first to offer open gym times, programming for competitive athletes, and even an in-house nutritionist. Head down to Grandview and push the envelope — and a heavy sled or two, we’re sure.

  • CrossFit Clintonville

    Crossfit Near Columbus
    image ia CrossFit Clintonville | Facebook

    With over 5,000 feet of workout space, this might be the biggest piece of undivided space in the quaint village of Clintonville. And it’s appropriately filled with ropes, barbells, and medicine balls. They also have dressing rooms, two lounge areas, and a beer kegerator, might we add. Still not convinced? They also throw in free community WODs every Saturday.

  • CrossFit Future

    Ohio Crossfit
    image via CrossFit | Future

    Come for the WOD, stay for the indoor turf, deck, billiards, sports bar, and—the CrossFit box unicorn—SHOWERS. Check out this box in Blacklick and get your pump on any time of the year, but especially in late September for its annual competition, Fall Jam. The graffitied walls and high energy of this box make it the perfect spot for a throwdown. Plus, it’s never too early to start thinking of your mildly immature team name (We’re looking at you, Snatch Addicts).

  • CrossFit Polaris

    Columbus Crossfit
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    Head up to Westerville to WOD at the home of yet another Games athlete — 8th Fittest Female in the World Kristi Eramo. But don’t think it’s all about individual feats here; Polaris is all about the team. And since the box is conveniently located next to one of the Cap City’s largest shopping areas, you can get your swole on and swing by the mall for new shirts together.


    **Updated by Nichole Moorman, December 2018