Meet Melt Annex, The First Hot Yoga Studio in Downtown Columbus

  • Nichole Moorman
  • Fitt
Meet Melt Annex, The First Hot Yoga Studio in Downtown Columbus

2018 saw a bunch of new yoga studios pop up in CBUS, but as the weather cools down, you might be looking for a hotter alternative. Opened in early-October 2018, Melt Hot Yoga & Fitness added a third location in Central Ohio for their signature hot yoga classes. The new Melt Annex will have similar offerings as their other studios, and now right in the heart of the city.

Turning Up The Heat Downtown

Melt has introduced their newest addition at 33 N Grant Ave., following Melt studios in Westerville and Dublin. The corporate minds and business types in the ‘Bus are sure to rejoice given the chance to end—or begin—the workday with fiery routines (the only hot yoga styles offered downtown) and adrenaline-inducing classes. The prime location is also your chance get in an heart-pumping workout and a cocktail in the same evening!

Melt Annex is starting of with class offerings on weekday evenings and weekend mornings, specially led by Melt founder Kelly Sodergren. And if you’re new to Melt, we’ve great news: your first class is free.

Melt Mental: the total mind body experience

The studio’s go-to classes—Melt Vinyasa and Melt Mental—are well underway at Melt Annex. If you’ve never tried hot yoga, we recommend drinking lots of water and taking it slow. Trust us when we say this isn’t the kind of class you can jump right in. Go at your own pace!

That being said, once you get acclimated to the 105 degrees of heat, there’s no turning back. The Melt Vinyasa class is 60 minutes worth of grounded, meditative poses and advanced asanas designed to strengthen and balance both body and mind. For added calmness, your Melt instructor, aka “Melt Boss”, will cut the lights so that your focus is solely on you.

Melt Vinyasa will put your mind at ease, but Melt Mental is a full mental, physical, and emotional experience. And that’s not to say this class isn’t challenging — you’ll be pushed to your physical limits, all while channeling any emotional or mental obstacles you’re facing.

Meet us at Melt Annex for this complete mental and physical journey; we’re sure you want to come back again and again.