Head to Shred415 in Dublin For a Hardcore HIIT Workout

Head to Shred415 in Dublin For a Hardcore HIIT Workout

Sure, there are plenty of places to get your sweat on in the Buckeye City. But there’s a new fitness studio in town that’s about to make every other workout seem like a walk in the park.

We’re talking about Chicago-based Shred415 and, lucky for us, they recently opened their first Columbus location, bringing their hardcore HIIT workouts to Dublin.

More Than A Workout

The Shred415 concept was created back in 2011 when fitness-minded Chi-Town locals were inspired to open a gym where people of all athletic abilities could work out. After experiencing success in the Chicago area, the studio decided to franchise and now boasts 20 locations across 12 states.

And thanks to the ambitions of Columbus’s Shred415 owners, Chad and Katie, we’re blessed to have a (locally-owned) studio in our backyard.

Hardcore HIIT

True to its name, Shred415 organizes its workouts in four, 15-minute intervals that are equal parts strength training and cardio. You’ll start on either a treadmill or the floor and switch back and forth until your 60 minutes are up.

On the floor, you can expect everything from box jumps to burpees, with a few kettlebell moves thrown in. And when you’re crushing your quads on the treadmill, the instructor will call out speeds and inclines guaranteed to make you sweat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re flexing your muscles for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, though — they’re happy to modify the exercises and intervals to fit your fitness level. Between their insane HIIT workouts, polished studio, and supportive community, Shred415 is about to be your new favorite place to get your adrenaline pumping.

Fitt Tip: since the Columbus studio opened in early November, you can still get special pricing on class packages!

You can find Shred415’s brand new space right on Sawmill in Dublin, next door to Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Word to the wise — there’s a Chipotle on the other side, and after this workout, you deserve a burrito.