Put in Some Serious Cardio Work at StudioTorch, Grandview’s Newest Studio

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Put in Some Serious Cardio Work at StudioTorch, Grandview’s Newest Studio

While HIIT workouts aren’t anything new, StudioTorch is revamping the grueling training here in Columbus. The newly opened studio on Olentangy Road in Grandview is here to kick your butt with some serious cardio work, meant to transform your body and burn a ton of calories.

  • How to torch your body in 60 minutes

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    HIIT is a popular training technique that focuses on giving 100% (some say 110%) effort for a short period of time. Over the course of several intervals, you’ll go back and forth between all-out work to short, active recovery periods. At StudioTorch, the instructors use these intervals to focus on everything from strength training to cardio, with a new focus everyday.

    StudioTorch offers a unique schedule to make sure you’re not missing anything. Each day has a different focus from arms and abs to butts and legs, with several days of a total body circuit. The specific workouts change every week, so you and your muscles will never know what to expect. And, might we add, ensures that you’re not half-assing that glute workout.

  • All the (kettle)bells and whistles

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    Cardio bursts and body weight exercises are just the tip of the iceberg at StudioTorch. The brand-new studio houses a ton of equipment to change up your routine. Instructors use dumbbells, barbells, and kettles to ramp up the strength training portion of your workout. You’ll also get well-acquainted with their treadmills and rowing machines for even more cardio burn.

    And their Fifth by Northwest spot still has that new gym smell. You’ll definitely want to hang around a while — especially because their cubbies have USB charging ports for your phone.

  • Are you ready?

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    image via StudioTorch | Facebook

    Whether you’ve done HIIT for your entire life or never set foot in a gym before, Studio Torch is designed to work with all experience levels. Torch coaches work with everyone in class to help you through the workout and start seeing results. Sign up for one of these insane classes on the Torch website.

    And if all of this didn’t convince you to give it a shot yet, maybe knowing that your first week of class is free will help you HIIT it up.