Cyc Fitness is on a Mission to Make Boutique Cycling Affordable For Everyone

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Cyc Fitness is on a Mission to Make Boutique Cycling Affordable For Everyone

Who doesn’t love boutique fitness? The badass instructors, the pristine studios, the high-tech gear. It’s not a workout, it’s an experience.

But while we love the sweat, we don’t always love the price tag. All that shiny doesn’t come cheap. But Cyc Fitness, a mainstay cycling studio in NYC, Boston, and Madison, Wisconsin, wants to do its part to change that. It’s certainly one of the coolest moves we’ve seen in the fitness world — Cyc is lowering the cost of their rides. It’s almost unthinkable in today’s fitness scene, and if we didn’t hear it directly from the source, we might have thought it was a joke.

  • Show me the money

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    But, you heard that right. Cyc believes that indoor cycling and boutique fitness should be accessible to everyone, not just a luxury for a select crew. Hey, Cyc, we couldn’t agree more.

    A single ride will drop in price from $28 to $22 in NYC, and from $27 to $21 in Boston. This makes their rides $12-15 less than the cost of the average ride at the competition. Factor that into your three-a-week habit, and you’re saving some serious coin.

  • Well played, Cyc

    With new boutique studios opening on every corner, all trying to become the next big thing while earning their share of your wallet, competition is heating up.

    In slashing rates, Cyc is hoping to stand out as an accessible brand that still offers one hell of an experience. We can only hope that other boutique studios will start to follow suit.