Going Global: CycleBar Has Big Plans For The UK

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Going Global: CycleBar Has Big Plans For The UK

The boutique cycling giant known for its big beats and techy theater has been sweeping the country in recent years, with hundreds of studios from coast to coast. Unlike other boutique shops, CycleBar hasn’t limited their growth to only major markets (we’re looking at you, New York and LA).

Instead you’ll find them targeting affluent neighborhoods in smaller cities and towns—from Aspen to Waco—and everywhere in between. And they aren’t stopping anytime soon. But this time, they’re going global!

Across the pond

Backed by Xponential Fitness and armed with a master franchise agreement, CycleBar expects to open at least 30 studios in the UK over the next five years. First up? London — this summer!

In true franchise fashion, the London studios will mimic its US counterparts. If you’ve not experienced CycleBar, that means a stadium-style CycleTheatre filled with custom bikes (each equipped with its own personal data monitor) and some pretty sweet audio, video, and lighting tech. The stats from each ride, plus the playlist from the class, get emailed to each rider after they sweat it out. Additionally, riders can opt into the leaderboard to “compete” with others in the class.

The trend is real

But Cyclebar isn’t the only US-based boutique cycle studio testing international waters. Flywheel has already made its mark on Dubai and SoulCycle has set up shop in Canada, with studios in Toronto and Vancouver. They’ve also announced plans to expand to London, starting with three studios in 2019.

Even the at-home boutique cycle OG Peloton is getting in on the action, with plans to start shipping its bikes to the UK and Canada this fall. They also have plans to open retail shops in both London and Toronto, plus a studio in London to provide live and on-demand classes with British instructors that align with the local time zone. And they aren’t stopping there — Peloton has its sights set on more of Europe in 2019.

There’s no doubt that boutique fitness is booming in the US, and with new niche concepts popping up on the regular, it’s no wonder these guys are looking for new ways to grow and differentiate. So off they go to explore the world. Now the only question is — how will the world respond? We can’t speak to foreign relations, but don’t expect a warm welcome from London-favorite Psycle.