Healthy Hot Drinks to Your Door: Daily Harvest is Now Delivering Superfood Lattes

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Healthy Hot Drinks to Your Door: Daily Harvest is Now Delivering Superfood Lattes

If you haven’t already heard of Daily Harvest, you’ve most definitely gotten an eyeful of their picturesque food while scrolling through your social media feeds. They’re a meal subscription startup, backed by heavy-hitters Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams, that wants to help you eat healthier by delivering good-for-you frozen fresh foods that you can whip up in no time.

And while they’ve wowed us with their super-scrumptious selection of smoothies, harvest bowls, soups, sundaes, parfaits, and overnight oats, now, they’re shaking things up with a newcomer that’s of the sippable variety.

  • Hot, hot superfoods

    image via Daily Harvest | Facebook

    Get ready to supercharge your day with Daily Harvest’s new lattes made with the hottest superfoods — we’re talking mushrooms, turmeric, and matcha.

    You’re about to find an excuse to have ‘me time’ all the time with three delicious flavors you won’t be able to stop thinking about (or drinking). Say hello to Chaga + Chocolate, Ginger + Turmeric, and Matcha + Lemongrass, your new hot drink go-to that checks all the health trend boxes.

    And thanks to ingredients like coconut cream, organic cinnamon, organic cacao, reishi and chaga mushrooms, organic MCT oil, and organic chlorella (a detoxifier), these simple little lattes are basically an energizing, immunity-boosting stress-reliever in a cup.

  • Latte lovin’

    image via @dailyharvest | Instagram

    Speaking of simple, it doesn’t get much simpler than Daily Harvest’s pre-portioned, pre-blended lattes. Each order includes three single-serve pods, and like all of their products, only take about three minutes to make. You read that right — just run a pod underwater, add some almond or coconut milk, heat it up, and enjoy.

    It’s time to make some space because Daily Harvest’s lattes are about to find a permanent spot in your pantry.