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In Dallas, there's certainly no issue finding a place to book a ride. The small (but powerful) arsenal to choose from has a variety of nationally known and Big D exclusive studios. If you’re ready to pedal your way to your happy place, we know just the studio that will take you there.




Head to ZYN22 in Uptown or Fort Worth if you’re in need of some sweat therapy. Once your shoes are clipped in, your butt’s in the saddle, and your legs start pedaling to the beat of the music, it’s hard to focus on anything but the ride. During the 45-minute ride, it’s just you and the bike without the weight of the world on your shoulders. Losing steam? There’s a ton of motivational mantras on the dome wall that’ll help you keep going. Once you’re done, you’re free to clean up in their fully-stocked bathrooms and showers. Towels, razors, hair dryers — whatever you need, they have it.

Fun fact: not all workouts will necessarily feel like a workout. Sometimes, they can feel like a party. Thankfully, the Ride House in University Park has just the type of party you’re looking for. They’ve got a loud sound system and changing LED lights that’ll power you through every session in the mirrored room. Plus, if you want more than just some cycling time, they have two hybrid classes that’ll take you off the bike. Both are partly on-bike (obviously), and one includes some strength training and the other has a TRX portion. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret joining in on the fun.

Lync Cycling in Park Cities and Plano is the go-to place to ride with rhythm. And if you like to keep track of how hard you’re pushing yourself during your workout, the digital screen attached to your bike is here for you. It shows numbers like your RPM (aka how many times your legs have come full circle), heart rate, and what gear your bike is in. The higher your gear, the harder your legs will have to work. Trust us — you’ll feel the difference with even the smallest increase. All classes are 45 minutes except for their Happy Hour ride every Friday, so if it’s feeling like one of those nights where you want to keep it low-key, riding into the weekend at Lync Cycling is the perfect way to spend your evening.

No matter how hard those hills are to climb or how much sweat is dripping down your entire body, you won’t want to hop off the bike at CycleBar once class is over. Compete against your own stats or put ‘em up on the screen for some friendly competition. The beats get your blood pumping, the dim room in the CycleTheatre sets the mood, and for some reason, the CycleBar sign in neon red light along the front wall makes you feel even more like a boss. It’s pretty dope. Rock your ride at their studios in Uptown, North Dallas, Plano, Southlake, and Flower Mound.

All it takes is a 45-minute ride at Terlingo Cycle to feel your best. At this Oak Lawn studio you’ll get a full-body workout from moving to the music, plus weight and core exercises during every session. They only hold two or three classes per day, so you’ll want to make sure to book your bike ahead of time to secure your spot. Side note: There’s a huge brick wall with a neon light sign that reads “Provide Nurture Guide”. It's an aesthetically pleasing background for your next 'gram. Just saying.

Cycling is just one exercise you can get when sweating it out at GRIT Fitness. They also have dance, HIIT, bootcamp classes, and the list goes on. But if you’re looking for some bike time—specifically a cardio party on a bike—this studio’s got you covered. The dark room comes partially lit with a bright spotlight and neon lights creating an ultra intimate mood. Plus, you can choose to stick with what you know and just ride, or switch it up with one of their cardio and body-toning circuit combos where you’ll use resistance bands to build lean muscle. Check out their classes at their Northeast Dallas, Addison, and Design District studios to get the full GRIT experience. There’s no doubt you’ll feel fierce once you’re done.

We know you’ve heard of this one before. SoulCycle isn’t about competing against other people or aiming for certain numbers. It’s about cycling to the beat so that both mind and body feel good. The music is loud to get you pumped, the choreography is fun, and the studios are candlelit. What’s not to love? Plus, the bathrooms and showers come fully stocked with everything you could possibly need post workout. Experience a ride that will figuratively light your soul on fire at their Uptown or Preston Hollow studios. Fitt Tip: SoulCycle also has a ton of themed rides that pit music from different artists against each other. Book a class for Lady Gaga vs. Pink, Justin Bieber vs. The Weeknd, and more!

You might not immediately think of cycling when it comes to Equinox’s luxe, expansive gyms. But maybe you were distracted by the spotless, state-of-the-art machines and cardio equipment, fully-stocked locker rooms, and spa. But within their studios, they host signature classes—from treadmill running and Pilates to cycling and bootcamp—that will put your mind and body to the test. The Pursuit, exclusive to their Highland Park location, is an immersive cycling experience with in-studio gaming and data visualization that puts you up against your fellow riders. Meanwhile, Preston Hollow’s gym features Performance Cycling, where you work on hill work, speed and sprint intervals, and on-bike breathing/meditation techniques.

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